Thursday, January 22, 2009

That imaginary wall was hit today

Man, you know that wall they talk about in "she's going to hit the wall"? Well, I think I hit it! Does not hurt much, but man I am tired! It is not that Madeline was up a lot - she even slept a 4.5hr stretch making me wake up in pain needing to feed her. It is more that Kevin wakes up when she wakes up, and then he can't go back to sleep so he plays computer games until he feels tired enough - thus making me sleep not very well. I am thinking that tonight I will head to the living room when she wakes up and feed her there and put her to sleep in the bassinet and then myself to sleep on the couch. The kids don't have school tomorrow, so I don't have to get up at 7:30 to get them ready. I meant to nap yesterday, but Kevin fell asleep, so I got up. Didn't want to let the older girls have the run of the house:)
I am hoping Kevin can get enough sleep so that he won't get sick. He tends to run out of steam after a few days of little to no sleep, and then he gets sick. He goes back to work part time next week, and with the IBM layoffs he'll have plenty of work to do.

Kevin's parents are coming down tomorrow afternoon also, so that will be great. The kids will have a blast, and I know Lois is itching to hold Madeline:) I am going to take advantage of having grandma here and nap as much as I can!
Saturday is my baby shower at the Y. My awesome friend Karen is throwing it for me! She is the best! I am excited to get out and see people, and to show our little princess off! Not sure what the guys will be doing, but I have a guess they will head to the pool while the girls party:)

Tonight we're eating dinner that a great friend from the Y brought over yesterday. We're so lucky to have people bring us meals! I am hoping that by the time I head back to work at my nanny job (another week) I can get some meals made and put in the freezer so that we can just take them out and pop them in the oven.
Well, I am going to head out and pick Victoria up, then back home for a nap!
Maybe later today I will find some more energy to take more pictures of the kids to post.

Have a wonderful day all!

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Amanda said...

I hope you get some good sleep when Kevin's Mom is visiting! You don't need to get run down and sick either! **HUGS**