Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just making it through today, then praying for baby to some soon!

Our better insurance kicks in tomorrow, on January 1st, so first cross your fingers baby won't decide to come today, and then cross them again she comes soon after the clock strikes midnight:)
No, I have no feelings she'll be here before the end of next week, but you never know about these babes:)

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year before we head out to a New Years party (most likely I will be home early with the kids at least, but probably with Kevin as well). I tried napping earlier today to prepare, but no luck.

Have a wonderful evening and be careful!!

It is now 4:08 am, and I am ready

for it to cool down in my house!
Last night, for some reason, our furnace decided not to start when it got cool. We did some problem shooting for a while, and ended up moving the kids into the same room with a portable heater so they would stay warm overnight. Kevin and I figured we could stay warm with an extra blanket and each other.
After a while Kevin turned off the electricity to the furnace to let it "rest" and after turning it back on a few minutes later it actually kicked in again! Yay!
So, off to bed we went, and we were both able to fall asleep pretty quickly.
Several times throughout the night I woke up feeling uncomfortable, but being ready to pop a kid can do that to you, so I blamed it on the bun in the oven for heating me up too much!
Well, a little while ago I had to take another trip to the restroom (umpteenth time tonight) and I decided to check to see what the temp was at and it was a whopping 77 degrees in our house! No wonder I was uncomfortable! I am a 58 degrees at night or colder kind of person. I need it COLD to be able to sleep, and I woke up sweating!
So, here I am, wasting time on the internet until I can cool down enough :)
Shouldn't be too long with temps in the negatives outside.

Hope you all had a better night for sleeping!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

37 weeks - 3 weeks left until D day

And lots of contractions overnight. I am guessing it is due to not sitting down other than to eat yesterday. They are not consistent, so probably just Braxton Hicks too. They did keep me up a lot of the night though. Although, I think that might have been a combination of caffeine, too warm room as we wanted to heat the basement up enough for the people staying there, and staying on my feet all day.
Kevin did not sleep well either, so he ended up playing on his computer a lot.

Here is another attempt at getting the pictures up:

The family putting the garland and lights on

Kevin and Michael trying to figure out the best way

Victoria knowing exactly what to do:)

Almost done!

All done!
With gifts under the tree!

Christmas Eve.

BFF's Victoria and Sophie on Christmas Eve at Sophie's house!

I think that is enough for now, so you will have to wait a bit longer for more pictures:) At least I got something up, right! I am off to take a nap now, while the boys and Victoria play board games, and MIL and SIL are shopping.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pictures and prep pictures

Here is my all out picture post. I have not had time to upload them earlier, so here they are, from the 23rd, which us Norwegians call Lille Juleaften - Little Christmas Eve -, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Pictures from the celebration with Kevin's family will be up later today or tomorrow as we have not taken any pictures yet!

Hm....For some reason I cannot upload pictures today, so it will have to wait. I keep getting a Bad Error Request!

So, for those of you wanting to see pics, you have to wait!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!

Last night, after the kids went to bed, I finished up my gifts (I have ONE more to get at the mall today, but I know what and where it is), and if I do not get around to it, it is ok too:)
Then Kevin and I were lazy and watched House while lounging in bed. Gotta love!

After work , we set up the tree per Norwegian tradition and decorated it while listening to Christmas Music. It was nice! Then the kids got to put out all the gifts (that I had wrapped already - still have a few left to go for that).

Today I am working at the Y until 11:30 (probably will head out earlier since it will be slow!) It will be a bitter sweet day though as one of my co-workers is going on to a full time job. I am happy for him, but he was a great asset to our KC team too! And, he was Victoria's boyfriend (one of a few, but always the one she fell back on when the other ones did not pan out).
So, I am heading out early now to pick up the treats I was planning on baking last night.

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
I took pictures last night and will upload them when I get time.

Monday, December 22, 2008

26 days not counting today - or less!

Man, less than 30 days left! It just hit me!
I better not do anything today. Just sit around, read my book, nap, cuddle with Victoria, watcha movie with the kids and so on......think it will happen? I guess you just have to wait and see:)

I remember that there was something very funny I was planing on posting about today - something Victoria said or did - but old age is getting to me and I cannot for the life of me remember what is was! I swear I need a camera (with a 24 hour loop) and a sounds recorder so that every day I can go back and document the things said and done in our house! So, think of that as an addition to my wish list:)

How weird is it

that I am more worried about not getting things done for baby than for Christmas?
Kevin and I have some more shopping to do today - anyone interested in watching our kids for a few hours after dinner tonight? But for some reason I am not worried about it. However, the fact that I am still waiting for the piece for baby's crib, stroller and car seat (which we're going to borrow), pump (borrow) and I have to buy diapers, wipes, bottles, bedding for the crib makes me freak out in the middle of the night! I have a bit less than 4 weeks left (maybe less than 3) but al of those things are things we can get after she is born. The gifts we need to get for Christmas really should not be gotten AFTER Christmas!

Oh well, I am sure it will all work out right:)

I am at work again today - nannying - and since it is so cold out, I am guessing we'll drive each other nuts by the end of the day, and then go and do it all over again tomorrow:)

Be prepared for multiple posts again today. Not much else to do. Although, I did just finish cleaning the kitchen here at work! I think it is my nesting instinct working on overdrive - thinking that any cleaning I do is better than none, even if it is not at my own house:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freezing cold!

Looking out the window it does not look bad at all, but it is now a frigid negative 3 degrees Farenheit and negative 23 with the windchill (-19 Celcius with windchill of -34 Celcius) here! It is way too cold! I am so glad I have a house with a working heater! And, I am thankful I don't HAVE to go anywhere today. We're even going to order pizza for dinner so that we don't have to go anywhere:)

I am planning on spending my day tidying up, doing laundry, wrapping gifts and making my step by step, place by place, last minute shopping list :)
We also have to make a meal plan for the next two weeks or so, and hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get everything we need from all stores - gifts included - so that we can evade the stores until New Years!
I am trying to come up with what to make for dessert for the dinner we'll be having at my very good friend Karen's house. I am thinking Norwegian Caramel Pudding, Banana Cream Pie and maybe Dronning Maud pudding if we can find the pasterurized eggs this close to Christmas. Last year they were all sold out!

I was contemplating baking a bit more, but I will probably hold off since we really do not need anything else to eat in this house!

We do not even have to go out and clean out driveway. We are so blessed to have a wonderful neighbor with a snow blower who takes pity on us. Victoria just came back from their house after dropping off cookies and a card she made. We really do have great neighbors! Another thing that I am so thankful for!
What a wonderful day to be able to be inside all day, wearing pajamas all day, listening to Christmas music and hearing my kids count down the days over and over again:)

Victoria and I have also started a project that I really would love to have done by the 23. We're planning on having a Christmas tree (small one) decorated only with picture ornaments. The pictures will all be friends and family and those that we hold dear. I saw this idea in a magazine and totally fell in love with it! So, I have to upload pictures to be printed at Walmart, and then tomorrow I will pick them up and Victoria and I will put them all together. I also need to get a smaller tree to hang them on.

Well, I better get back to it:)
Have wonderful Sunday you all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Belly pics for Elin, and some snow pics also

Snow storm number 3 coming through Rochester just in December.

Victoria chowing into her ginger bread house:)

My belly on November 29th.

December 14th belly

Elin,, bra nok? :)

Change of plans

So Parents' Day out was canceled due to the impending storm, so once more my plans were changed for me. It was nice though! I got to eat lunch with a friend, and also went shopping for a bit with her.

We have not decided if we'll be going to church or not. Depends on if Michael gets home in time, and how the weather looks at the time he does get home.

I see Elin wants belly pics, so I am thinking of putting some out here.......kind of scary though! I think I might have to think about it for a bit:) If only to make Elin more impatient:)


36 weeks! 4 weeks left, or as little as 3 if they decide to induce me a week early! Yikes!

I am thinking the next couple of weeks will fly and soon I will be on the doorstep of having another baby in the house!
I did not get anything done yesterday, but you know what, it actually felt nice! I even went to bed at 9:30 instead of staying up late making up for not checking anything off of my list! Yay me!
Normally this never happens.
Today I am going to try to get done the things I had planned for today and then after wards I will see if I can do another one or two of the things for yesterday.
We're in for another snow storm, but hopefully not with as much snow as the other two. I believe this one will have more blowing snow than anything.

I do work at the Y's Parents' Day Out program today from 1 - 5, so that will be fun. I am just glad I found someone to cover my normal Kids Care shift for me so I wouldn't have to work another 9 hour day. That was hard, and I send kudos out to all of those who work their entire day on their feet! I spend a good portion of my day on my feet, but at least I have the chance to sit down and take a breather!

Michael has a birthday party to go to today, and he'll get to watch the Tale of Desperaux. He is so excited! Victoria was bummed, but changed her mind when she found out she'd get to hang with her best bud - Pappa / Daddy -all by herself for hours!

Then, we'll all head to church and have a good time there too! This is bound to be a good day!

Last night I got news that a family friend who is in the hospital ICU (has been for a bit after heart problems, and they really did not think he was going to make it) is making progress and is being weaned off the ventilator. Praise God! I have been praying for him and his family and hoping that their Christmas celebration would not be one of mourning their loved one, but of celebrating the miracles in life - and is looks as though they can!

Oki, off to check a few things off the list before the kids get up, which makes me think, Michael is still sleeping and it is past 8pm! He is my early bird up before 7 every morning! Playing in the snow for an hour and a half last night must have tired him out! Yay!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow day part 2

It is so nice outside! How come I cannot convince the kids they want to play outside in the pretty snow? I am actually pretty upset I did not bring my own snow pants and boots to work!
Maybe the kids will want to playoutside after they fry their brains in front of computers and TV a bit longer:)

I did take some pictures with Sarah's camera, but found that her memory card cannot be read by my memory card reader.... so, I will just have to repeat the pictures when I get home and have my own cameras:)

Snow day - again !

So Wednesday the warning came out that we might have a snow day Friday due to a snow storm coming through late Thursday night. During the day Thursday it went from warning to advisory (good!) so I was not too worried, but then, when I woke up this morning I had emails from the teachers at the kids' school saying school was closed:( All day! Not fun! I had so many plans for today, and was hoping to finish up my shopping without kids since I have to be at work Monday and Tuesday - all day, and I really did not want to shop on the weekend. Oh well, I might just have to go late in the evening and finish up.

I also have a cookie exchange at work, but not sure if I will make it in for that.

I forgot to bring my camera again, but at least I did bring my laptop! Maybe I can borrow Sarah's to get some nice wintery scenes posted here:)

Monday and Tuesday the kids are out of school - they will have a whole 16 days (17 since they got today also) off from school! Christmas is next week already and I am totally not ready! Oh well, whatever gets done will be done, and the rest of the things can't be that important:)
I will make sure to get the last few gifts I need though.
I also have to get gifts for the kids from some friends and family, but can't until the money is here, so we might go do some after Christmas shopping too. The kids will enjoy that - more than me fore sure:)

Oh, I found this awesome thing on a friend's blog today What a cool idea!
I am for sure gong to check that out, although, I would love to be a better writer if I decide to so that:)

I am sure I will post me today as the day is bound to be a looong one!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dr Appointment and update

Early this morning I had my 35 week checkup and everything went fine. I did get to talk to a doc instead of a nurse though (I love my nurse!) and got some answers to questions I had.
  • I have not gained any weight!! since last appointment 2 weeks ago, so that is exciting!
  • We also verified that baby girl is head down, although she is still quite high.
  • I am dilated to a small 1cm, so I feel pretty certain she won't be here in the next week.
  • I am measuring right on track - 35 weeks - but since she is still high up my doc believes her to be quite a bit smaller than my other two (cross your fingers she is right!). My doc would not guarantee that though, so we'll see.
  • Since my other two were bigger, they won't make me go over my due date
  • And since Victoria came so fast they will make a decision whether to induce me or not at my next appointment (not induce then, but make the decision then) on January 2nd. They will probably set up an induction date for the next week as long as my cervix is favorable - whatever that means. It sounded like there is a greater chance for them to induce me due to the speedy delivery of Victoria than due to the big size of my kids. The doc indicated that since I was capable of delivering a 9lbs7oz baby without much trouble I should not have much trouble even with a 10lbs baby! Lets hope I don't have to even try!
So, it was an overall ok appointment. I usually feel like it is a waste since they don't do much, but oh well. At least I found out some things today:)
I have my next appointment on the 2nd of January, and will start going weekly after that if I need to.
Currently I am planning on working at my nanny job until I go into labor, and at the Y through January 10th (Saturday before my due date), so we'll see how that goes.
I am not sure I would like to be induced as pitocin is not something I enjoy, but it would be nice to be able to plan when baby comes too! I guess if I am lucky enough she'll decide to come on her own before any indcution date:)

Other than that, not much is happening here in MN. People are slowing down because of the cold. We got a beautiful snow fall yesterday, but there is a severe winter storm warning for tomorrow pm, so we'll see how that goes. I would feel bad for the kids missing out on school on Friday as it is their "winter"party (Christmas party), and the last day of school for this year!

Victoria was under the impression that she will be entering 1st grade when she went back to school, so I am glad we figured that out now rather than in January so that we could explain to her she has to be in K until the summer!

I still have shoping left to do. I am waiting for money to be given to me by 3 people who want me to shop for my kids from them, and I hope I can get it done before the weekend! I think Thursday and Friday would be so much easier to shop on than Saturday and Sunday! The stores are going to be crazy with last minute shoppers!

My to-do-list is dwindling down as well, so that is awesome! I was hoping to be able to bake some Norwegian Christmas treats, but decided not to. We have too many already and I have so many other things that are more important to get done. And, Kevin already got a pan and a half of his favorite treats, so he is all good. The kids don't care what they get, as long as they have some yummy stuff:)

I do have to make some more fudge for my work treat exchange on Friday, but that should be pretty quick to do. I am glad I found out why my 2nd batch did not turn out as good as the first though. I forgot to add the vanillla! The kids like the 2nd batch, so I am not going to tell them:)

Ok, back to tidying, that sounds only have to tidy up and not clean and scrub! If only it would stay like that! Unfortunately, I am not great homemaker! I can cook and clean, I am just not a very tidy and organized person! If I ever win big in the lottery, I am SO getting a cleaning lady to come in every week!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 weeks or 35 days (whichever sounds smallest) left!

I am 35 weeks along today and that leaves only 5 weeks (at the most) left before baby girl is here! I am so excited and scared at the same time!
I have decided (I think) to sew her baby bedding, so I better get cracking. I am hoping to head to JoAnns today to find fabric. I am thinking I will do a duvet cover for her blanket rather than a quilt / comforter, just because that is easier to clean and make:) I also want to make her sheets and such, but that shouldn't be too difficult. This way I can also find fabric that I can use for the girls' room drapes that matches without paying a fortune.

I am still dealing with a head cold, although it seems to have moved more down to my chest now as I am coughing up a storm. At least I don't have that pounding headache that comes with a head cold though. Victoria is also coughing a lot, but I am hoping it is getting better. We both napped yesterday afternoon for several hours. It felt so good!

The kids only have one week left of school before their Winter Break. I have to work through the 23rd at my nanny job and the 24th at the Y before I get my break. I will have almost a week off which is great since Kevin's parents are coming down! We're going to my friend Karen's for the 24th, taking it easy and eating light on the 25th, and then having a big Christmas meal again on the 26th when Kevin's parents are here. I was originally planning on working through the year since we were not having people in town, but I am more than happy to change that:)

So this weekend will be spent cleaning, baking for my cookie exchange and wrapping gifts. That should get me in the right Christmas Spirit:)

I also have to do some last minute shopping for an American Girl Doll for Victoria. I hope it will get here in time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 weeks 2 days and prayers for a friend

I heard from a friend today, who is due with boy/girl twins in February, that her baby girl is not growing like they want her to, so she is now on hospital bed rest at least until nest Thursday when a specialist can come check things out. It just really puts everything in a different perspective for me. Yeah, I have had a "rough" pregnancy - but nothing medically wrong - just stress, more stress, really bad back pain, stupid umbilical hernia that does not want to go away etc. This is nothing compared to what my friend is doing through. I guess I am just grateful for what I have and for how well this pregnancy has progressed.

For me this week has been pretty good. I am dealing with a head cold, but nothing I cannot manage. Victoria seems to be a little under the weather, but she can manage too:) School has late start tomorrow, so I get to hang with both kids until 11, when we send Michael to school. After that I will have fun just hanging with my favorite 6 year old! Most likely we will watch Ice Princess again and nap. That will feel good!

This weekend I might be working Parent's Day Out again so that will be interesting. We're also planning on taking the kids to see Santa and to decorate cookies at one of the grocery stores in town. Victoria is very excited to give Santa her wish list - which by the way, I still have not deciphered all the way yet. She wrote it all out by herself! I am so proud of her!
I will also spend time this weekend baking for my cookie exchange on Monday. I am hoping to be done by Saturday night at the latest - if I can get it done tomorrow night that is even better - so that I can be lazy all weekend (after I finish come laundry that is).

Last night I did some baking (when I should have been in bed) and everything turned out good. both recipes were new ones so I am glad they turned out. I made fudge and brownie creme de menthe bars.

Anyways, I decided that I was going to bed early tonight, so I better get moving before it is not early anymore:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 weeks and 6 days!!

We're down to 5 weeks (ok and 6 days) left! I am so excited! Things seem to be falling into place:)
Although, I wish I had more time to prepare for sleepless nights. I had a test for that last night. Victoria and Michael have friends over for sleepovers, and the boys are usually up way too early, so last night I told them no sounds until after 7:30! Never thought to let the girls know since they usually sleep later, but I should have! They were both up (the girls that is) before 5 am! I heard them chatting and walking around, so I got up to tell them to go back to bed, and found them all dressed for the day and ready to play. They were both able to go back to sleep though, so that was good. Unfortunately, I was not. So I see myself heading to bed as soon as the kids are in bed tonight. I hope that is at 8:01PM!

Yesterday I had a long day at work, and I am thankful I do not have to work a full time job on my feet every day of the work week! I worked at the Y from 8 - 5PM. First my normal Kids Care shift, and then right over to the Parents Day out Program - which was a lot of fun by the way. Then I raced home to meet Kevin and the kids before we left straight for church. Sitting in church was hard, my back noticed the strain of being on my feet all day quite well. After we ate at church we took the extra two kids home and crossed our fingers they would be in bed and sleeping fast. Our kids are usually down by 8:30 at the latest, but their friends are not, so it gets to be quite a bit later before they calm down.
After they finally went to bed (to the bedroom that is - fairly sure they did not sleep for a while yet, at least not the boys) Kevin and I finished up a movie we started the other day - Master of Commander - something, something (can't remember the rest of the title). It was good and we both enjoyed it quite a bit!

Today Kevin is going over to his brother's house to play a game and watch football. I am glad he gets to do that. He has watched most games at home this season, and while I enjoy being able to see him throughout the day or ask for his help when I need it, I know he really enjoys hanging with the guys (since I am not much of a football person) and I am glad he has that chance today. He really does not go out a lot to do things with others. I am blessed to have a husband who values staying home and doing things with me and the kids. I guess that makes it easier for me to be ok with him going out whenever he wants to. I think we are both considered homebodies. I do enjoy being with friends and family, but it is really nice to just be at home too.
What is even better about this weekend, is that my house is mostly cleaned! I usually spend Sundays cleaning (heavy duty cleaning) but I have done good at keeping up with the chores lately so it might take only an hour to get the whole house done!
I do have laundry to do, but since Kevin is not home it means I get free reign over the TV and can watch TV while folding laundry:)

I am also hoping to go to Walmart for a few errands and get a gingerbread house kit to decorate with the kids and a few last minute gifts that I need to send ASAP.

If I find more time, I am going to attempt digiscrapping today as well, but I don't want to put it on my schedule as I am not sure I can find the time.

I did finish up my Christmas letter the other day. Now I want to add a few pictures of the family and print it. We are not doing a photo card in addition this year as I am thinking we'll send out a picture birth announcement with all three of the kids as soon as baby comes.

Oh..once again I have another post with no pictures. I am sorry folks! I really do need to add pictures to my blog soon! If I get the gingerbread kit and we decorate it today I know I will get those posted!

Ta-ta for now!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

6 weeks and 2 days until D day

Getting closer every day:) Duh!
yesterday I managed to shovel the driveway and sidewalk, scrub down my kitchen (ceiling to baseboards) clean the bathroom upstairs and do two loads of laundry. Nesting instinct is in full bloom!
I also had my doctor's appointment as everything is fine. I was told to take it easy (thus the major cleaning and hard work I am guessing) as my back pain is more of a constant rather than coming and going now. I just want things done! I was also informed that she is head down, which is good, and she is actually fairly low down. She is facing my back, sticking her butt out right at my belly button, which kind of irritates my hernia. At least now I know why I am having such a hard time after anytime I eat! I am measuring about 2 weeks behind - so I am guessing we're right on target here, since that is what happened with the other two as well.

I am actually less stressed about getting things done now than I was this past weekend when I had lots of contractions. There is nothing we need that we cannot get within hours of her being born (Kevin just has to do the shopping by himself). Only Important things we need before going home is carseat, diapers and wipes. Everything else we can wing it with:) Of course, that being said, there are tons of things I would love to have ready before that!
I am thinking I will have a big shopping day right before Christmas, so that after Christmas I can just sit down and relax and a few books or something, or nest some more:)

Tomorrow I am working 9-1 and on Saturday I will have a looooong day (so much for taking it easy, huh) working from 8:15 until 5pm. I am looking forward to it though as I get to do Parents' Day Out. That is always lots of fun!
After PDO we'll head to church and after church we'll bring the children of some friends home for a sleep over while they go salsa dancing! I will probably do some cookie baking Sunday afternoon with the kiddos, but not sure about that yet. I do know I need to bake something for Kevin's work's Christmas treat day on Tuesday though.

If everything works out I might even go get the stroller and car seat, and get some of the "want"items as well as "need"items for baby, but it might just be nice to have a slow day at home as well:)

I am now off to watch this week's epidose of House with Kevin. See ya!