Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giving it another try

Here we are again, over a year since my last posting!  Truth be told - the last year has been so busy that blogging was the last thing that would get done.

I returned to work last January and though I enjoy what I do, I wish I had made the decision to hold off until my two youngest munchkins were in school before going back.  I have some pretty awesome coworkers though, and have learned a lot about the medical field, more specifically anything within Neurology.  It is very interesting!

My hubby also works for this wonderful Clinic that I work for, and he was asked to demo a product at this year's HIMSS conference in New Orleans.  My wonderful in-laws were willing to come watch the kids, so here I am too - in New Orleans with my husband.  He has to work all day, but we have the evenings, plus an extra two days after the conference to hang out.  We are looking forward to trying new foods, seeing new things (neither of us have been here before) and enjoying the warmer weather (high 60's to high 70's) while our dear Minnesota is being pounded by a huge snow storm (schools closed) that is predicted to bring a total snow fall with just this storm that is greater than the total snow falls for each of the last two winters!  I am SO glad I got out before the storm hit!

Anyways, I arrived last night, and we went out to eat.  We tried foods at Acme oyster house - see my food blog for that review.  We also tried some beignets at Cafe Du Monde - oh, heavens!  Brought a box with Beignet mix, and some french roast coffee with us from that place as well, and I have plans to return later today as Kevin is at the conference and I have the entire day to myself. 

I can tell that there is no way I will by accident lose a few lbs while here!  #lovingthefoodsoflouisina

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blog topics

I have SO many ideas for blogging, but often forget to even jump on here (as you can tell my how often I blog!).
So, I am starting a list of things to blog about and tentative dates, with reminders popping up in my calendar. We'll see how long I can put up with that bugging me without turning them off:)

If you have any ideas for what I can blog about, feel free to mention them in a comment!!

This is what I have so far:
*Being a Norwegian in America (how fitting is that:))
*Losing weight
*going back to work
*child rearing
*meal making
*favorite music
*Saving money
*Middle school
*raising girls
*raising boys

Anyway, some of the ideas, and I actually have a calendar where I have them all spaced out, with a little bit every day.....yeah, let's see if this lady can keep that going when school starts!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year! It is time for a fresh start, certainly, for all of us. Regardless of how we did last year. We can always improve, and I hope this year will be the greatest!
Last year our family had a lot of big changes - me becoming a stay at home mom, buying our dream home, Kevin getting a wonderful new job, selling our old house, new schools for both of the oldest kids...hm...I think that covers it. And guess what! We'll kick this year off with a big change too! At the end of January I will be returning to school for a 14 week training to become a medical secretary and at the end of that program I will begin working full time at the same place my husband does! Awesome! I am very excited, but at the same time nervous about leaving the kids in child care or with a nanny.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Catch up!

Spending the Summer in Norway was a blast, so much of a blast I totally skipped on the blogging! How horrible is that!

We spent quality time with so many people, but most importantly with my grandpa, who only 10 weeks after I returned to the US, passed away in the comfort of his him, with many of his loved ones around him.  His passing was such a sad thing, but at the same time, we know he is no longer in pain, and is yet again re-united with the love of his life - my grandma who passed away last December. This year will be the first year with none of my grandparents alive. I am so glad I got to spend the last two Christmases in Norway, one with both of my maternal grandparents, and the last one with my grandpa.

A highlight while in Norway was being there for when my newest nephew, Joachim Leandro was born. He was making us nervous that we'd miss meeting him as he decided to wait past his due date of the 20th (we were leaving the 30th to return to the US).  He is absolutely adorable (as is his brothers and his cousins Miriam and Daniel!) and I am so glad we got to meet and love on him before we have to leave!

Upon returning to the US, we drove directly to our new house and camped out on air beds:) A wonderful couple who we consider dear friends, drove our van to the airport and left it there for us so we did not have to take the shuttle home. It took me a while to find the van as I forgot about the lack of internet at the airport (unless you pay) and had to search out someone who was willing to let me borrow their cell phone so I could call my friend:) The same wonderful couple also left food for us at our old house (which we found when we picked up airbeds before going to bed) so we had donuts, milk, and fruits for breakfast! How awesome is that!

We finally sold our old house in November, and enjoy once again being a one home family. We're still adjusting to the house, unpacking, getting rid of stuff we really should not have moved etc, but are loving the spacious house, wonderful storage and separate rooms for the kids! I love our master bathroom, my mail floor laundry and my new kitchen! It really is our dream house, and I am glad we were able to get it while the market was at a low!

We're preparing to spend our first Christmas in our new home, with family spending time with us, and we look forward to that.

Hoping to get pictures uploaded soon. I am really bad at keep up on that, but with my new laptop I should be able to do better since I don't have to wait a lifetime for the pictures to be accessible!

Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Norway - week 1

Today marks the day we've been in Norway for a whole week. It is very nice to be back, although I miss Kevin a ton already! I hope he is able to come see us later this summer, while at the same time, I know that if he is not able to, it is for a good reason which will pay off in the long run.

The two youngest girls are still adjusting to the time difference and the food change, but I think we're getting there!

Michael and Victoria have already improved immensely in their Norwegian, and it is so fun to see!! I can only imagine how great their Norwegian will be at the end of our stay here!

Well, off to get some salty foods. I had some food last night that just did not measure up, so now I have a hankering for the real deal:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls Night Out with two awesome ladies!

My good friend Eli and her husband Omar came back to town with their little boy this past weekend, and last night my friend Karen and I got to go out to eat with Eli - without kids!It is soo good to be able to go out with two wonderful ladies and just talk while eating a good meal! You know those friends who listen to you when you vent, are always willing to give advice and just be there for you! These two ladies are that kind of a friend! I am blessed to have these two ladies in my life, and wish that we'd see Eli more often, and that I would be better at staying in touch. Another thing to add to my list of things to work on!
 Oh, and of course - no picture! Going to have to fix that later this week for sure!

On a side note - it is going to be a scorcher today! So, I will run my errands early, and hopefully get the rest of the stuff I can pack, packed. The kids need their shorts for a few more days, so those can't be packed until last minute, but the rest of our stuff should be ok. As long as I get the important papers taken care of, I should be ok even if I don't get their clothes packed:) It is for sure a day to be spent inside! Actually, I think they should cancel school since it is going to be dangerously hot at the schools, no AC etc.....but that is just wishful thinking on my part:) I am sure that later this summer, when my kids are getting on my last nerve and my vow to be a "thermostat" and not a "thermometer" fails, I will be glad they had these last three days of school:)

Speaking of heat -Thermostat vs. Thermometer is a parenting advice I learned yesterday. As parents we can choose to be a thermometer. Measuring the temperature as it rises. Or, we can be a thermostat, controlling the temperature. Isn't that a great picture to think of?! Now I just need to put that into my life:) Another work in progress:)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Conflict just is not a very fun thing!

I am NOT good at dealing with conflict, but lately it seems to just flourish around me! This causes stress dreams in which I always fail to keep my kids safe:( Yikes! I have to keep in mind though, that the conflicts I worry about right now, are due to actions made by others, which in turn caused them to be disappointed with the after-effects. I don't have energy to deal with adults who act like kids, throw tantrums like a 3 year old, refuse to be around us because of disappointment or hold a grudge or are jealous because of something we have accomplished. I have enough work with my own kids doing those things. We make the decisions we make because of the situations we are in, and we strive to always put our family first. If we end up disappointing you because of that, I am sorry, but that is life.
Ok, I got that off my chest now, and will look forward:) I can't afford to spend my time and energy worrying about what other people think or feel, when I know we've made the right decisions in what we have done, but it is my nature to worry about things I cannot control. It is very high on my list of things to work on, as it is mentally draining to constantly worry about other people and what they might think or feel. Kevin works hard to provide for our family, and there is no way in this world he will relent on his efforts to make sure his family is well taken care of (regardless of other people's feelings), and we are financially set. He is a gosh-darn- awesome guy and I am blessed to be his wife!