Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Expanding again!

My waistline that is. Add not just because of Thanksgiving either (although, it certainly is going to add to it!)!!
My wonderful Kevin and I have been blessed enough to be expecting yet another baby! Baby girl Lucier is due around April 20th, 2010!!!
Poor Michael will be overwhelmed I am sure, but he is excited to have another sister!
Victoria was mostly upset we waited so long to tell her!

I am so so blessed, and this Thanksgiving Season certainly will be full of things for me to be thsnkful for!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Before Trick or Treating. Grandma Lois made Victoria's costume! Thank you so much!

Another one before they older two went out to TOT. Madeline stayed home with Daddy

And while Michael and Victoria pigged out on candy, Madeline ate her "candy"- peas! And she was happy as a clam:)

Picture and some word catch up! WARNING: Picture heavy!

My attempt at taking cool pictures:) At Kevin's Aunt's lake in August

This lake is so peaceful and so beautiful! We love it there!

Victoria and her friend, as well as my mom and dad enjoying the lake

My mom and Dad

Toria and Michael meeting the Timberwolves at the YMCA

My mom with Madeline watching the Timberwolves mascot do tricks

Madeline before she sat up unsupported:)