Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One of my fellow January 2009 Mommies is having a giveaway on her blog. She is a fabulous mom and a fabulous crafts woman. You should check it out. She has an Etzy account too with pictures of all her beautiful stuff!

Introducing baby girl Kaia Lee

Baby Kaia was born Saturday April 17th at 7:36pm after I had been on pitocin for 2.5 hours. My water broke the night before, but contractions never kicked in like they should. I had a few here and there and thought they would kick it up a notch, but not so. So we went to the hospital, and eventually they realized I would need the pitocin to get the labor started.
They did start soon after the pit was added, but none of them were too bad. It was not until 7ish that they were kicking in harder, but still not painful at all.
Around 7:25 or so I found them to be close together - still not painful and I had no problems breathing through them - but they were pretty much on top of each other. I called for the nurse just to make sure that was what they wanted as the contractions did not seem strong or long, just close together. She checked them out and said it looked ok. She then offered to get me a rice bag for my back pain. Right after she left my regular nurse came in (she had been giving report) and I mentioned during my contraction that there was a lot of pelvic pressure. She decided to check to see where I was at and found baby's head to be ready to pop out! She called for help, got one glove on, and baby came out! The Doc walked in after baby was out so I guess I made her day of work easier:)
By far the easiest labor since I only had contractions for 2.5 hours and the majority of them were
not painful or uncomfortable at all! Of course, being that Kaia was only 6lbs 11oz compared to the other kids who were 9lbs 7oz, 9lbs 4oz and 8lbs 13 oz, she was so much smaller too! Should make it easier for sure:)
So, I was dreading this labor - maybe because I had the last one so fresh in mind still - and it turned out wonderful! I felt great afterwards, up and moving and spending time with Kevin in the hospital. Oh, and no stitches needed either!
Becoming a mom is the greatest feeling ever, and whatever pain there is is so worth it!

So, here she is: Kaia Lee
6lbs 11oz
19 3/4 inches long

Here she is with her proud big brother and her two proud big sisters:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby coming REAL soon:)

All that waiting and not so patiently at that, has finally paid off!
Laying in bed last night my water broke - just a small trickle. However, my contractions did not start. Since I don't want to have pitocin we stayed home waiting for them to kick in. They are now slowly but surely starting, so I am hoping that baby will arrive before this evening.

And guess what, I feel totally unprepared!! The kids are thrilled to not have to wait anymore, and while I am too, I am more nervous about this delivery than any other! Weird!

So, off I go trying to get more prepared, and getting stuff ready.

Next update will be after we are a family of 6!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New background in honor of upcoming arrival

Hoping this will encourage the baby to enter our world....or maybe I am just doing it because I have to find things to do too:)
Either way, baby better be a girl since the background is all pink:)

Volcano Ashes

So this evening my mom and dad were supposed to fly in from Norway. Unfortunately, a volcano under the ice in Iceland erupted- sending huge clouds of ashes up in the air causing many Northern European countries to close down all air traffic in their area due to diminished visibility. What are the odds!?

We're hoping that they will open for air traffic tomorrow so they can get here. I guess the only positive in this is that they are not missing out on a day with their newest grandchild since she has not decided to arrive yet:)

Last night I had a few contractions every hour, so I was crossing my fingers that we could make it until this morning before I had to go in. Then after 4 they slowed down and eventually stopped. Still have some cramping, so I am guessing this babe has a plan of her own, and I would not be surprised if it entailed being born on a Friday since I hope that is the ONE day she skips:) That is how it goes though and there is not much to do about it but wait and see.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today is the day for making plans. That is sure to start labor for real, right?!:)

Today's plans are to clean up around the house - kinda need to have it all clean for whenever I go into labor as we could end up with showings at any time. It is hard though with a 15 month old who hates when boxes and drawers have things in them, when we have anything on the able (including tablecloths), loves to empty my purse and cabinets - because cabinets can't have anything in them either. Of course, it does not bother her when there is stuff all over the floors. That is ok:)

So, plans:, clean up in kitchen, bathroom, do laundry (I was caught up for all of one day!), get guest room ready for my parents coming tomorrow!!, figure out where I stacked the bassinette sheets, take junk to Savers for donating, walk, walk, walk, grocery shop, hm......nothing I have to do, which is too bad. I think HAVE TO DO things are more likely to make you go into labor before you get to them. So, if you can think of anything I HAVE TO DO, let me know:)

So, if I can get any of the things above done, it will be good. I also hope for a nap as sleep was not readily available last night due to restless legs - probably THE most annoying thing of pregnancy! With Michael I had it so bad I shook my legs all night - shaking myself to sleep:)

So, off to tackle the day:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor's appointment

Had my weekly checkup today and it went well. I am making more progress, had contractions while there (nothing huge though as I could not feel it, the doc told me!). Heartbeat for baby was good, my blood pressure good, and NO weight gain for me! I already passed the weight I was hoping to stay under, but as long as baby is growing we're good. I am measuring behind again by 1 1/2 weeks / cm, which is normal for me. Last week I was at 36 weeks /cm, so went up from that, but still behind the 39 weeks/cm I am supposed to be at. Being that all my kids have measured behind and came out around 9lbs, no one is worried:)

Got a new appointment for next week just in case. Doc had the great comment that I love so much: "Could happen later today, or could happen next week!":) Makes planning so much easier, right:)
Even though I am anxious for baby to get here, I am glad she is baking too, I mean, she'll be here when the time is right, not when I want her to, and I know that:) Just crossing my fingers it will be today, tomorrow, NOT Friday, and then she can come any day after that:)

Today's plans were to catch up on laundry - done!, call the TEEN Mops girls I could not get through to earlier, vacuum the carpet in basement, go on a walk, get this weekend's nursery schedule good to go, make some meals for the freezer - and print my FlyLady control journal.
I got one thing checked off, so as long as I call my girls, and work on the schedule and get that taken care of, the rest is not so important.
To do that though, I need to get off my behind:) So off I go.

Monday, April 12, 2010


My cravings have been pretty much under control this pregnancy. I have had more of an issue with food aversion than cravings! It has certainly helped keep my weight gain in check, so that is good:) However, there are 3 things I would love to have as soon as baby is born (or within days at least!). A Big, Ice Cold Diet Coke (I have been drinking diet coke the entire pregnancy, but for some reason it sounds so good after all that work of giving birth! :) ), Fried rice and lobster sauce from JenPachi, a big Hershey chocolate bar (or just a big bag of Hershey kisses) - preferably stored in the fridge for a few hours first:) Sounds healthy, huh?! :)

Crunch time! Or maybe not:)

Tomorrow marks the day when I will be 39 weeks pregnant. I always find it interesting how you can spend so many months preparing, waiting and then not so patiently waiting for baby to come, and when that time is right around the corner and it could happen any day, you find yourself not ready at all! If baby was to come today we'd be ok, but there are still things I would like to have done, shop for etc.
Most of my day goes to entertaining Madeline, keeping the house ready to show on short notice and wondering what to eat next:)
So, maybe over the next week I can get some actual stuff done too... I still need to get a diaper bag, comfy sweats to go home in, make some meals to keep in the freezer for later, clean the bassinette sheets (although Kevin can do this while I am in the hospital too), get some more newborn onesies (for some reason I only have one!). Baby's clothes are in storage along with baby toys and such, but then again, I won't need that for a few days at least, and Kevin can get it while I am in the hospital.
I also need to pack a bag for the kids just in case baby announces her arrival in the middle of the night, pack my hospital bag, get a book to read while in the hospital, figure out which outfit I am bringing baby home in etc. I have also decided to get myself an iPod touch! Would be nice to have by the time I go to the hospital, but most likely, it won't happen. I would enjoy having a Kindle too, but who can justify spending so much money on two things when we have a baby coming?
Either way, not too many things need to be done still, and certainly none that are going to be a problem if we don't have it all done in time, but it still bugs me I have not done it. Do you think that gets me off my rear end and up and doing things? Nope:)
Oh well, it feels so nice to just be home, play with Madeline and not worry about getting out of my PJ's right away in the morning. Napping is on my schedule too, which is always nice:)

So, here's to meeting baby soon (although, she can't come on Friday as that will mess up surgery plans!) and just taking everything else one step/day at a time:)

Life is good!