Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor's appointment

Had my weekly checkup today and it went well. I am making more progress, had contractions while there (nothing huge though as I could not feel it, the doc told me!). Heartbeat for baby was good, my blood pressure good, and NO weight gain for me! I already passed the weight I was hoping to stay under, but as long as baby is growing we're good. I am measuring behind again by 1 1/2 weeks / cm, which is normal for me. Last week I was at 36 weeks /cm, so went up from that, but still behind the 39 weeks/cm I am supposed to be at. Being that all my kids have measured behind and came out around 9lbs, no one is worried:)

Got a new appointment for next week just in case. Doc had the great comment that I love so much: "Could happen later today, or could happen next week!":) Makes planning so much easier, right:)
Even though I am anxious for baby to get here, I am glad she is baking too, I mean, she'll be here when the time is right, not when I want her to, and I know that:) Just crossing my fingers it will be today, tomorrow, NOT Friday, and then she can come any day after that:)

Today's plans were to catch up on laundry - done!, call the TEEN Mops girls I could not get through to earlier, vacuum the carpet in basement, go on a walk, get this weekend's nursery schedule good to go, make some meals for the freezer - and print my FlyLady control journal.
I got one thing checked off, so as long as I call my girls, and work on the schedule and get that taken care of, the rest is not so important.
To do that though, I need to get off my behind:) So off I go.

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Torunn said...

Åååå, så spennande! Ikkje lenge igjen no! Lykke til! :)