Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volcano Ashes

So this evening my mom and dad were supposed to fly in from Norway. Unfortunately, a volcano under the ice in Iceland erupted- sending huge clouds of ashes up in the air causing many Northern European countries to close down all air traffic in their area due to diminished visibility. What are the odds!?

We're hoping that they will open for air traffic tomorrow so they can get here. I guess the only positive in this is that they are not missing out on a day with their newest grandchild since she has not decided to arrive yet:)

Last night I had a few contractions every hour, so I was crossing my fingers that we could make it until this morning before I had to go in. Then after 4 they slowed down and eventually stopped. Still have some cramping, so I am guessing this babe has a plan of her own, and I would not be surprised if it entailed being born on a Friday since I hope that is the ONE day she skips:) That is how it goes though and there is not much to do about it but wait and see.

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