Monday, December 20, 2010

Rest in Peace Mormor

God looked around his garden

and saw an empty space

Then he looked down upon this earth

And saw your tired face

He put his arms around you

And lifted you to rest

Gods garden must be beautiful

He only takes the best

My Grandma Solveig passed away Sunday night Norway time. She has been ill off and on this past year and has been so tired. No matter how much we prepare for such passings, I find that we are very unprepared when the time comes and a loved one leaves us. Mormor, kommer til aa savne deg saa mye! Er glad for at du er i en saa mye bedre plass naa. Vent paa oss, saa skal vi en gang feire jul igjen i paradis!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Krazy Coupon Lady!

This is one of the most awesome blogs out there! I am addicted to finding the best deals, and it gives me a high to know I either made money (!) or spend less than half of the original cost on something. Check it out! These days we can all stand to save some money, and this blog pretty much takes the extra work out of couponing!

Next year!

I am SO making this for next year!!!
It is adorable!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Way overdue!

I have not posted since June 17th! Kaia was only 2 months old and she is not coming up on 7 months! Yikes! Like really did get more busy with two little ones:)
I guess I could recap the past few months, but instead, I Will just post what is going on right now.
Our house is off the market and we hope to re-list in the Spring. My dream house sold, so I am not in too much of a hurry now:)

Thanksgiving is coming up and we'll be celebrating in town with the in-laws. It is also my big 3-0 bday the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I love birthdays, others' and my own! I don't think there will be a party though due to the proximity to Thanksgiving.

Like I mentioned earlier - Kaia is almost 7 months, has two teeth and scoots around! I am certain she will be crawling in the next month. She still sleeps through the night and is a happy, happy girl.

Madeline is 22 months, a happy and smiley girl. She still loves her baby sister - sometimes too much. She has unfortunately had a tummy bug the last few days but is on the mend now.

Victoria is going, going and going:) Busy girl with many friends. Loves to be outside and can't wait for winter! She does not have that last wish from me, I can tell you that! Oh, ans he is now a whopping 8 years old!

Michael is my helper. He has grown so much lately and is so mature. I love having conversations with him about things he has learned at school! He turned 11, and it freaks me out that in 4 years he can have his driver's permit!

Kevin is working away, keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table and love in our home. I love this guy! He even cleans up puke after the kids whenever they get sick! Can't find a guy better than that!

I am at home sick - actually - took the day off since it is late start at school, and then ended up sick. Good thing I took it off, huh! Our van is in the shop. Had it fixed Friday, but then Saturday the check engine light popped on, so it is back. Hopefully nothing major!
I also teach Norwegian again, twice a week, through Sons of Norway here in town. I love it! I have a great group of students and they make me laugh. I do wish I did not have to take two evenings away from my family, but that is how it is right now.

I have to dig out our camera and post picture from the last half a year, but for now, this will suffice to show we are still alive:)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer is here - and so are the storms and the goodbyes:(

What a day!
With working in the place I do, I get to meet many wonderful families, and since we live in a medical town, many of them don't stay forever. Today I said bye to one of my favorite families and I came to the conclusion that I am not a big fan of the residents leaving season! Me being all hormonal (I blame it on new mommy hormones still!) goodbyes are a sure way to get the waterworks going!
So, instead, they will now be "See you later"s instead. Good luck to all my resident friends and their families! I have loved getting to know you all, and wish you the best in your futures. I hope that it won't be too long before I get to see you guys again. I know I have my mind set on a girls trip to Vegas for sure:)

Then, if that was not bad enough - we got one of those nasty summer storms. You know, thunder, lightning, warnings on the TV, tornadoes touching down places! If you have every been to Norway and experienced a thunderstorm there you would laugh at me. I was terrified of storms there, and the ones in the US are SO much worse! Kevin has gotten so used to me being terrified that if the storms start at night he'll just automatically roll over in bed and hold around me - knowing I am shaking in fright! For real, I am really that afraid! I try to be brave for the kids (at least until they are sleeping!) but man that is hard!
Anyways, I have yet to look outside since the worst of the storm passed, but from what my fellow Rochester people are posting on Facebook, it does not look good out there. At least we did not have tornadoes touch here, but wind gusts up to 70mph is a lot! So, when this post is done, I will be heading up and out to check out the damage.

I am not a big fan of Minnesota Winters either.....makes me wonder when the time to head home is! I would be able to handle a Norwegian thunderstorm all by myself after 11 years in MN!

Summer is here

at least the kids are off on Summer break now. It started out cold and rainy, got hot and humid, and stormy! I am hoping for a summer like last year, when we only had the AC on for a few days early on:)

Michael is thrilled to be off from school, but not so much about getting up to go to work with me. He participated in a track meet on Tuesday - pictures to come.

Victoria wishes school was still in session, and has been my early bird this week. She also ran in the track meet - pics to come again.

Madeline is still adjusting to a later nap, loves baby sister and being outside!

Kaia is growing like a weed. She is 2 months old today. We go in tomorrow for her 2 month appointment. She is such a fun baby, and she sleeps through the night every now and then. Since I feed on demand it is a hit or miss if we get the last feeding done at the right time for bedtime, but that is ok.

We had another showing today, before the big storm hit. Hopefully it turns into a sale. Of course, I know not to get my hopes up. We have one house we really like, and another one on our list to check out, so if we do happen to sell our house soon, at least we're thinking of our new home:)

We're heading to Kevin's parents place this weekend as his younger sister is coming with her family from OK. We're very excited to see them again, and to meet the youngest addition to their family (she is almost 1!). We'll also celebrate Father's Day there and Lois' birthday.
Then we'll head home for two weeks before my parents fly in (barring no natural catastrophes or strikes or anything like that). We're very excited to see them again, especially since my mom has yet to meet her youngest grandchild. While they are here, Kevin's older sis will be coming to visit with her two kids, and after my parents leave we'll go camping at Kevin's aunt's lake with them, and the rest of the Minnesota in-laws. It will be busy but fun I am sure!
The month of August will be a work month, except for a week when the older two kids are (at least the plan is that they will) spending with grandma and grandpa in Moorhead. Kevin and I do not have big plans since we'll have the little two girls still, but I am hoping we can come up with something other than watching movies at home:)

So, pictures to come later. Kevin has the memory card packed away somewhere. I really do need to get some new pictures up here though. And hopefully I will be able to keep up with blogging as well...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 weeks old

I have yet to take more pictures of Kaia, but wanted to write a little about her growing:)
I took her in on Monday (a few days over 3 weeks old) and she weighed in at 8lbs 13 oz (1oz) short of where Madeline was at birth! She was 21 1/2 inches long too, so she is for sure growing! It just feels so funny that she is still not the size her big sis was at birth!
She is doing great, eating well obviously, sleeping good at night, and in general is a happy baby. Not a whole lot of crying unless she is very tired and hungry. She lets us know when it is cuddle time, and I love that:) I think she'll end up being a tummy sleeper and she falls asleep as soon as I try giving her tummy time!

She is outgrowing her newborn clothes, although the 0-3 month clothes are still big. This is my first kiddo who actually fit in newborn clothes though, so that is cool:) She is still in newborn diapers, but I see a move up into 1's as soon as we finish the newborn pack we have. The 1's will be a bit big, but I don't think they will for very long. My first one to actually wear newborn diapers and fit into them too:)

Madeline is doing great with her baby sister. She loves to hold her, kiss her and sing for her.
Victoria is awesome help and makes Madeline happy whenever need be.
Michael is the greatest help I have, much due to him being the oldest and wanting to help out I think. I think he is Madeline's favorite person these days. Yesterday she was having a rough time at MOPS, but as soon as he came in she was ok with me leaving:)
Kevin is back to work, but still takes on a lot of the slack at home. He still won't let me carry much stuff and will give me the "slightly evil eye" if I lift something I am not supposed to or don't ask for help:) Gotta love this guy!

Sleep is going well too. Kaia slept from 10:30 until 4:15 last night! It was great. However, I tend to not be able to go back to sleep after feeding her so I get a bit of reading in in the early morning hours:)

Our house is still listed. Had a showing this past weekend, but nothing came of it. It would be great to sell the house, but I guess patience is a virtue and is certainly needed in the current home buyers market.

The kids have Awana Awards night this evening - the last Awana meeting for the year - so we'll take pictures there and post tomorrow. I will make sure to add some of Kaia as well:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One of my fellow January 2009 Mommies is having a giveaway on her blog. She is a fabulous mom and a fabulous crafts woman. You should check it out. She has an Etzy account too with pictures of all her beautiful stuff!

Introducing baby girl Kaia Lee

Baby Kaia was born Saturday April 17th at 7:36pm after I had been on pitocin for 2.5 hours. My water broke the night before, but contractions never kicked in like they should. I had a few here and there and thought they would kick it up a notch, but not so. So we went to the hospital, and eventually they realized I would need the pitocin to get the labor started.
They did start soon after the pit was added, but none of them were too bad. It was not until 7ish that they were kicking in harder, but still not painful at all.
Around 7:25 or so I found them to be close together - still not painful and I had no problems breathing through them - but they were pretty much on top of each other. I called for the nurse just to make sure that was what they wanted as the contractions did not seem strong or long, just close together. She checked them out and said it looked ok. She then offered to get me a rice bag for my back pain. Right after she left my regular nurse came in (she had been giving report) and I mentioned during my contraction that there was a lot of pelvic pressure. She decided to check to see where I was at and found baby's head to be ready to pop out! She called for help, got one glove on, and baby came out! The Doc walked in after baby was out so I guess I made her day of work easier:)
By far the easiest labor since I only had contractions for 2.5 hours and the majority of them were
not painful or uncomfortable at all! Of course, being that Kaia was only 6lbs 11oz compared to the other kids who were 9lbs 7oz, 9lbs 4oz and 8lbs 13 oz, she was so much smaller too! Should make it easier for sure:)
So, I was dreading this labor - maybe because I had the last one so fresh in mind still - and it turned out wonderful! I felt great afterwards, up and moving and spending time with Kevin in the hospital. Oh, and no stitches needed either!
Becoming a mom is the greatest feeling ever, and whatever pain there is is so worth it!

So, here she is: Kaia Lee
6lbs 11oz
19 3/4 inches long

Here she is with her proud big brother and her two proud big sisters:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby coming REAL soon:)

All that waiting and not so patiently at that, has finally paid off!
Laying in bed last night my water broke - just a small trickle. However, my contractions did not start. Since I don't want to have pitocin we stayed home waiting for them to kick in. They are now slowly but surely starting, so I am hoping that baby will arrive before this evening.

And guess what, I feel totally unprepared!! The kids are thrilled to not have to wait anymore, and while I am too, I am more nervous about this delivery than any other! Weird!

So, off I go trying to get more prepared, and getting stuff ready.

Next update will be after we are a family of 6!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New background in honor of upcoming arrival

Hoping this will encourage the baby to enter our world....or maybe I am just doing it because I have to find things to do too:)
Either way, baby better be a girl since the background is all pink:)

Volcano Ashes

So this evening my mom and dad were supposed to fly in from Norway. Unfortunately, a volcano under the ice in Iceland erupted- sending huge clouds of ashes up in the air causing many Northern European countries to close down all air traffic in their area due to diminished visibility. What are the odds!?

We're hoping that they will open for air traffic tomorrow so they can get here. I guess the only positive in this is that they are not missing out on a day with their newest grandchild since she has not decided to arrive yet:)

Last night I had a few contractions every hour, so I was crossing my fingers that we could make it until this morning before I had to go in. Then after 4 they slowed down and eventually stopped. Still have some cramping, so I am guessing this babe has a plan of her own, and I would not be surprised if it entailed being born on a Friday since I hope that is the ONE day she skips:) That is how it goes though and there is not much to do about it but wait and see.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today is the day for making plans. That is sure to start labor for real, right?!:)

Today's plans are to clean up around the house - kinda need to have it all clean for whenever I go into labor as we could end up with showings at any time. It is hard though with a 15 month old who hates when boxes and drawers have things in them, when we have anything on the able (including tablecloths), loves to empty my purse and cabinets - because cabinets can't have anything in them either. Of course, it does not bother her when there is stuff all over the floors. That is ok:)

So, plans:, clean up in kitchen, bathroom, do laundry (I was caught up for all of one day!), get guest room ready for my parents coming tomorrow!!, figure out where I stacked the bassinette sheets, take junk to Savers for donating, walk, walk, walk, grocery shop, hm......nothing I have to do, which is too bad. I think HAVE TO DO things are more likely to make you go into labor before you get to them. So, if you can think of anything I HAVE TO DO, let me know:)

So, if I can get any of the things above done, it will be good. I also hope for a nap as sleep was not readily available last night due to restless legs - probably THE most annoying thing of pregnancy! With Michael I had it so bad I shook my legs all night - shaking myself to sleep:)

So, off to tackle the day:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor's appointment

Had my weekly checkup today and it went well. I am making more progress, had contractions while there (nothing huge though as I could not feel it, the doc told me!). Heartbeat for baby was good, my blood pressure good, and NO weight gain for me! I already passed the weight I was hoping to stay under, but as long as baby is growing we're good. I am measuring behind again by 1 1/2 weeks / cm, which is normal for me. Last week I was at 36 weeks /cm, so went up from that, but still behind the 39 weeks/cm I am supposed to be at. Being that all my kids have measured behind and came out around 9lbs, no one is worried:)

Got a new appointment for next week just in case. Doc had the great comment that I love so much: "Could happen later today, or could happen next week!":) Makes planning so much easier, right:)
Even though I am anxious for baby to get here, I am glad she is baking too, I mean, she'll be here when the time is right, not when I want her to, and I know that:) Just crossing my fingers it will be today, tomorrow, NOT Friday, and then she can come any day after that:)

Today's plans were to catch up on laundry - done!, call the TEEN Mops girls I could not get through to earlier, vacuum the carpet in basement, go on a walk, get this weekend's nursery schedule good to go, make some meals for the freezer - and print my FlyLady control journal.
I got one thing checked off, so as long as I call my girls, and work on the schedule and get that taken care of, the rest is not so important.
To do that though, I need to get off my behind:) So off I go.

Monday, April 12, 2010


My cravings have been pretty much under control this pregnancy. I have had more of an issue with food aversion than cravings! It has certainly helped keep my weight gain in check, so that is good:) However, there are 3 things I would love to have as soon as baby is born (or within days at least!). A Big, Ice Cold Diet Coke (I have been drinking diet coke the entire pregnancy, but for some reason it sounds so good after all that work of giving birth! :) ), Fried rice and lobster sauce from JenPachi, a big Hershey chocolate bar (or just a big bag of Hershey kisses) - preferably stored in the fridge for a few hours first:) Sounds healthy, huh?! :)

Crunch time! Or maybe not:)

Tomorrow marks the day when I will be 39 weeks pregnant. I always find it interesting how you can spend so many months preparing, waiting and then not so patiently waiting for baby to come, and when that time is right around the corner and it could happen any day, you find yourself not ready at all! If baby was to come today we'd be ok, but there are still things I would like to have done, shop for etc.
Most of my day goes to entertaining Madeline, keeping the house ready to show on short notice and wondering what to eat next:)
So, maybe over the next week I can get some actual stuff done too... I still need to get a diaper bag, comfy sweats to go home in, make some meals to keep in the freezer for later, clean the bassinette sheets (although Kevin can do this while I am in the hospital too), get some more newborn onesies (for some reason I only have one!). Baby's clothes are in storage along with baby toys and such, but then again, I won't need that for a few days at least, and Kevin can get it while I am in the hospital.
I also need to pack a bag for the kids just in case baby announces her arrival in the middle of the night, pack my hospital bag, get a book to read while in the hospital, figure out which outfit I am bringing baby home in etc. I have also decided to get myself an iPod touch! Would be nice to have by the time I go to the hospital, but most likely, it won't happen. I would enjoy having a Kindle too, but who can justify spending so much money on two things when we have a baby coming?
Either way, not too many things need to be done still, and certainly none that are going to be a problem if we don't have it all done in time, but it still bugs me I have not done it. Do you think that gets me off my rear end and up and doing things? Nope:)
Oh well, it feels so nice to just be home, play with Madeline and not worry about getting out of my PJ's right away in the morning. Napping is on my schedule too, which is always nice:)

So, here's to meeting baby soon (although, she can't come on Friday as that will mess up surgery plans!) and just taking everything else one step/day at a time:)

Life is good!

Monday, March 29, 2010

How come it is always so expensive?

So I have a few things on my wish list, and of course, they are not cheap! I am not a diamonds and jewelry kind of person. I prefer things that have a good use, can make my life easier etc.......
I think the best gift Kevin ever gave me (I am not counting kids and him marrying me and such, as that is obviously the greatest!) was 1/2 a Tivo! Yeah, 1/2 of one:) He had to keep the other half (that of course is all hooked up with my half) for football season:) And at first I thought it was the lamest gift ever! Come on, a Tivo - electronics? What can that do for me? I tell you - SO much!! it Cuts the time Kevin spends watching football in half, I never miss a TV show, I can pause or rewind my show when the kids are loud (not that I watch anything but their shows when they are awake) and I can pick which shows the kids get to watch! How awesome is that!?! It took about a week after it was hooked up before I realized what a genius I married!

He also gave me a beautiful ring for our 5th anniversary, and I love it! Kevin is a practical kind of guy, so those two gifts were not what I would have expected at all. Ok, I will give him the practicality of the Tivo, but since it is not a necessity it really surprised me! ...:)

Now, I think that living with Kevin is what has made me a practical person rather than a stuff just because person. My wishlist now contains a Moby or a Sleep Wrap (for carrying baby in - they are awesome! You can even nurse while on the go!), a bike trailer for when we all go biking, iPod touch (ok, so this is a just because item - I am totally in love with the item though, just not the cost), and a double stroller (kind of a must with two little ones). And I would even be happy getting them all used! But, how come they all have to be so expensive? Why can't I want something under $20?
The price for a Moby like this one or Sleepy wrap is around $40 for the cheaper models and I do have a carrier, just not a Moby or Sleep Wrap. So, not really needed even though it would be practical.
A bike trailer is closer to $200 for the one that turns into a stroller too, so way too expensive to really be needed even though having one would mean we could all go on a bike ride together. A double stroller also $200ish and an iPod touch......WAY too much!
Funniest thing is that Kevin and I were talking just this weekend about how expensive women are, and he is so right! And by having this wish list, I am proving him right too.....Thank goodness I can still delete this post:)

Thankfully I have a hubby who has good money sense and works hard for his family, even if that means I end up with items on my wish list that I most likely won't ever get (except for the double stroller - I know I will get that:) ) Love you Kevin, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being practical and rational and keeping me in place:) Things are just that - things - and family, house and food is so much more important! Kevin, thanks for decluttering my life (and our house) and for still allowing me to have some of the stuff you would consider junk :)

Now off to declutter the guest bedroom to make it ready for guests this Easter weekend:)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Listed today and showing tomorrow!

We got a call late tonight (9:30PM) from a realtor who has a couple who wants to tour our home tomorrow morning! I know the chances of a sale so fast is very slim, but it makes me excited to know that all the work this past week will be shown to at least one potential buyer.
Cross your fingers!!

Our house is listed!!

All that hard work and late nights have come to and least in a way. We still have a few things to do around the house, items to move to storage from the garage etc, but our house is now officially on the market! The sign will be put up later today, but we're in the MLS, have the realtor visit sign in sheet and such all in the house! We could get people calling at any time to set up a time to look at the house. Exciting and scary all at once! My biggest worry is forgetting to tidy something up before we head out of the house, and then come home and see that someone stopped by to check the house out. I have made a to-do-before-we-leave-the-house list though, so hopefully that will remedy some of that fear:) Pictures will be posted later when I re-charge my camera.

Today I only have 24 days left until my due date, so it feels good to have the house on the market. The stuff that is left to do, I know Kevin can handle if for some reason baby decided to come way early. Saying that probably made it for sure I will go over though:) I have a few things to get ready before baby, but again, Kevin can take care of that while I am in the hospital too. As long as I remember to bring the camera:)

Now that we have the big projects in the house taken care of, I can focus a bit more on getting baby clothes cleaned and packing my hospital bag. I have learned though, that packing it too early only makes me re-pack it 50 times before the actual time:)

Today Spring Break began for the older two kids and I actually took the week off from work too, so I can hang out with them. I tried telling myself I needed the time to rest and relax (which I do!) since I end up dizzy and exhausted all the time, but I know with extra time at home I will try to get more work done. Oh well.....I am glad I get to spend more time with them, even if it is bonding while we are matching socks from the laundry pile:)

For Easter we're staying in town, and hopefully some friends and family will come over. If not, we'll just be having a nice and quiet Easter with just the 5 of us. I already know what Madeline will be getting in her Easter Basket - crayons and coloring paper! She loves to draw! Not sure what the older two will get as they informed me there is no Easter Bunny, no Santa, and no Tooth Fairy! I am guessing they are still interested in getting candy though!

After Easter my mom and dad will come visit for a bit, hopefully baby will be here by then, or at least arrive while they are here:) We're very excited to see them again!

Ok, enough slacking here. Better get back to the laundry folding! I made a to-do-list for the first day of Spring break, and you'd never believe it, but I am actually almost done with it! I guess that means I have to come up with something else for tomorrow:) I work all weekend at church, not quite what I was hoping to do since I worked last weekend and the weekend before and will work Easter weekend too, but what can you do? At least that means more moola ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting there

Over the past few weeks we've worked hard on the house. That is, Kevin has worked while I have supervised:) We have moved loads of stuff out of the house either to Savers or the storage unit we rented. We have painted the kitchen, girls' bedroom and trim, Michael's room, rejuvenated the wood floor in the living room and hallway. And yet, so much remains to be done! It drives me nuts that I can only do so much before I am in pain and have to sit out the rest of the evening. Spending more than a few hours on my feet at a time brings my hernia out (and according to people it is the size of baby's head!).
We're hoping to list our house this coming week, so we need to touch up on all walls upstairs (kids have already done a number on them!), finish painting the trim in Michael's room, painting the bathroom cabinets and trim, paint the basement walls, all the while cleaning and keeping the every day chores going. Oh, we have to paint our bedroom and trim too....Man! Poor Kevin!
I am so excited to get over with the prepping the house though, and step over into the "house is listed" phase.
With each day that passes Kevin's list grows bigger as mine shrinks. We have only 30 days left before due date, so in reality anything can happen as soon as Easter is over. I just hope and pray we have all the things done then so that I won't leave Kevin with the biggest to do list ever, or stress about it while in the hospital!
Most likely I won't be much help after baby comes either due to surgeries that are very likely to happen while I am still in the hospital after giving birth. Only time will tell though.
Anyways, that was a good rant. Now back to working the church phone list for volunteers for this weekend! Do you think anyone would notice if I disappeared from the face of the earth for a week or two?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update - kinda late:)

Last time I posted I was prepping for Madeline's first night without her pacifier. It was a rough night, crying off and on, but we did it! By day 3 she had no issues whatsoever! Yay! The biggest problem from then on was to make sure we found all the stray pacifiers around the house that she seemed to be able to find by smell:)

Other than that we've been painting, packing away stuff, finding stuff to donate, laundry (never ending you know), watching the Olympics and so many other things:)
So far, as far as painting goes, we have finished the living room and the girls' bedroom. We still have to do the baseboards and fix up the floor in both of those rooms, and get the curtain rods back up. Those are all things we're waiting to do until we have the whole upstairs painted though. Then we'll do the wood floor, and then finish painting the baseboards.

After that we'll go onto the basement where we'll paint some more, but thankfully do not have to worry about hardwood floor there:)

We're slowly but surely getting rid of junk and furniture we know we're not going to move with us wherever we move to. The one item I want to part with the most is our couch!! Unfortunately, we do need SOMETHING to sit on upstairs, so it stays:(
I am hoping to get most of this stuff done in the next couple of week - that includes packing away everything we do not need right now (to put in storage or at least pack away in the basement), so that my last month of being pregnant can be a bit easier and relaxed:) We'll see. I am still waiting for that extreme need to get things done to overcome me - nesting I believe they call it:) I think it might have skipped me over this time around since it was not so long ago since last time I was nesting:)

The kids are enjoying the winter, and do not seem to have the cabin fever I have. I hope to be able to buy a bike trailer soon after the snow leaves, so that I can start taking Madeline (and baby if the snow stays that long!) with me on bike rides when the weather warms up.

Michael is enjoying school, reads lots still and has been snow boarding a bit this winter. Victoria enjoys spending time with her friends the most, and Madeline is a ham who loves to watch the kids play outside through the window:) She is growing so fast, and is so much fun. She signs for milk, eat (we made that sign up since I had NO idea what it was), more, and says something that resembles book and milk:) She loves her Daddy and will call his name (and wake him up in the early morning when we're done nursing) just to give him a hug. She has yet to say mommy to me, but I know it will come. I bet she just knows I want to hear it so she is holding off:)
She LOVES babies! I hope that is a good sign and that it will stay that way after she gets one of her own in her house:)
She is not yet walking, but I think that if she put her mind to it, she would. She lets go of whatever she is supporting herself with every now and then, and has great balance, but has not tried taking any steps without holding on yet.
Michael and Victoria are such great help around the house and with their sister. They clearly love her and are willing to put up with her doing pretty much anything:)

Oki, enough for now. Have to get back to catch up on my every day cleaning that has been neglected while I worked on the girls' room:)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye Paci!

Tonight is the night when paci (hopefully) leaves for good.

Madeline never really got too hooked on the pacifier (she just used me as one instead), and with baby coming in less than three months, we decided now is the time to get rid of it. We figured the earlier we deal with it, the better. So cross your fingers it will be that easy! Both Michael and Victoria were ok with getting rid of theirs the first night........Madeline cried for a bit, but it could have been because she just did not want to go to bed in the first place:)
Now, it is all quiet (knock on wood!) and hopefully she will not be looking for paci as she wakes up during the night.....
I will report back tomorrow if we were successful or not:)
She has been going most days without the paci since we were in Norway, and we kept it that way (for the most part) and only let her have it at nap and bedtime.....
Anyways, off to bed soon just in case someone is not happy during the night and I have to spent much of the night awake listening to her.

Hope you all had a wonderful (and football free) weekend:)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Time until Tuesday, April 20, 2010 (Minneapolis time)
86 days
2078 hours

We have less than 90 days until estimated arrival of baby Lucier!

At this time with Madeline I was way on top of things, and at the point of scrubbing my walls down. Can you say nesting? This time, sleep is still the only thing on my mind (at least in the forefront of my mind) and probably the only thing I am lacking as well. Between baby scaring me with lack of movement (to the point where I almost called Kevin home from guys night at 2am!), Madeline's cold that she has had since right before we left Norway, her ear infections, teeth coming through, ligament pain and my ever painful back - sleep just has not been very easy the last couple of weeks.
I know most of there ailments will go away soon, and I will be able to catch up, but man, right now, sleeping in for an hour sounds like something I'd be willing to pay a fortune for!

Oh well, even as tired as I feel now, it will all be worth it in the end, even though I know it means another year at least with lack of sleep due to baby, and a few more just worrying about the kids. I am so blessed to have 3 healthy kiddos and another one on the way!

So, time to leave my pity party and get on with my work - might as well take advantage of these early weekend mornings:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Madeline!

My baby turned 1 today! Where did the time go? I can't wrap my head around the fact that one year ago today I was in the hospital holding a brand new baby in my arms. Seems like just a few weeks ago it all happened. Here are some of her first pictures.

Over the past year she has grown into a very determined little girl who knows what she wants and is more than willing to show her upset side if she does not get it. She is also more than willing to show her smile and to give hugs. She has filled out lives with so many blessings, so many smiles and laughs and with so much more love than I could ever imagine!

Happy Birthday Maddypants! We love you so much!