Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update - kinda late:)

Last time I posted I was prepping for Madeline's first night without her pacifier. It was a rough night, crying off and on, but we did it! By day 3 she had no issues whatsoever! Yay! The biggest problem from then on was to make sure we found all the stray pacifiers around the house that she seemed to be able to find by smell:)

Other than that we've been painting, packing away stuff, finding stuff to donate, laundry (never ending you know), watching the Olympics and so many other things:)
So far, as far as painting goes, we have finished the living room and the girls' bedroom. We still have to do the baseboards and fix up the floor in both of those rooms, and get the curtain rods back up. Those are all things we're waiting to do until we have the whole upstairs painted though. Then we'll do the wood floor, and then finish painting the baseboards.

After that we'll go onto the basement where we'll paint some more, but thankfully do not have to worry about hardwood floor there:)

We're slowly but surely getting rid of junk and furniture we know we're not going to move with us wherever we move to. The one item I want to part with the most is our couch!! Unfortunately, we do need SOMETHING to sit on upstairs, so it stays:(
I am hoping to get most of this stuff done in the next couple of week - that includes packing away everything we do not need right now (to put in storage or at least pack away in the basement), so that my last month of being pregnant can be a bit easier and relaxed:) We'll see. I am still waiting for that extreme need to get things done to overcome me - nesting I believe they call it:) I think it might have skipped me over this time around since it was not so long ago since last time I was nesting:)

The kids are enjoying the winter, and do not seem to have the cabin fever I have. I hope to be able to buy a bike trailer soon after the snow leaves, so that I can start taking Madeline (and baby if the snow stays that long!) with me on bike rides when the weather warms up.

Michael is enjoying school, reads lots still and has been snow boarding a bit this winter. Victoria enjoys spending time with her friends the most, and Madeline is a ham who loves to watch the kids play outside through the window:) She is growing so fast, and is so much fun. She signs for milk, eat (we made that sign up since I had NO idea what it was), more, and says something that resembles book and milk:) She loves her Daddy and will call his name (and wake him up in the early morning when we're done nursing) just to give him a hug. She has yet to say mommy to me, but I know it will come. I bet she just knows I want to hear it so she is holding off:)
She LOVES babies! I hope that is a good sign and that it will stay that way after she gets one of her own in her house:)
She is not yet walking, but I think that if she put her mind to it, she would. She lets go of whatever she is supporting herself with every now and then, and has great balance, but has not tried taking any steps without holding on yet.
Michael and Victoria are such great help around the house and with their sister. They clearly love her and are willing to put up with her doing pretty much anything:)

Oki, enough for now. Have to get back to catch up on my every day cleaning that has been neglected while I worked on the girls' room:)

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