Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye Paci!

Tonight is the night when paci (hopefully) leaves for good.

Madeline never really got too hooked on the pacifier (she just used me as one instead), and with baby coming in less than three months, we decided now is the time to get rid of it. We figured the earlier we deal with it, the better. So cross your fingers it will be that easy! Both Michael and Victoria were ok with getting rid of theirs the first night........Madeline cried for a bit, but it could have been because she just did not want to go to bed in the first place:)
Now, it is all quiet (knock on wood!) and hopefully she will not be looking for paci as she wakes up during the night.....
I will report back tomorrow if we were successful or not:)
She has been going most days without the paci since we were in Norway, and we kept it that way (for the most part) and only let her have it at nap and bedtime.....
Anyways, off to bed soon just in case someone is not happy during the night and I have to spent much of the night awake listening to her.

Hope you all had a wonderful (and football free) weekend:)

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