Saturday, August 1, 2009

This summer

of 2009 has been going so fast! I will try to update a bit, but will mostly post pictures so that you can see all the fun we've done! Pictures will come later though as I am dead on my feet.

My last post was on our 10th anniversary. Kevin and I went out to eat and brought Maddypants with us. We ate at Victoria's (love that place!) while most of the people in Rochester were at the Rochesterfest Parade! It just happened so that our waitress was a lady who took my Norwegian class a few sessions ago. It was neat and she gave us a free chocolate dessert for our anniversary:) Thank you Nancy! We later went home and just hung out (remember, the older two kids were at Grandma and Grandpa's in Moorhead :).

The Thursday before July 4th we went up to Moorhead to meet up with the kiddos. They had a blast at Grandma and Grandpa's without us! They both aquired skateboards, and I tried one out - a story in itself!
We stayed until the Monday after July 4th before heading home and back to work life again. I got to practice taking pictures of fireworks on the 4th, and found that it is fun, but extremely difficult to get good ones without a tripod! So the moom (visible in most of the pics) has quite a few weird shapes in most of the pictures:)

On July 15th Maddypants got her first taste of "real" food when we stared feeding her rice cereal. Not quite sure what she thought of it, but she at it all:) At her check up earlier that day we found that she is in the 46th percentile for weight and 51st for height. Doctor is not worried as she is an active girl and she eats a lot. I guess she is just one of those lucky ones with a high metabolism:)

Between the 4th and now we have mostly worked, and hung out with friends. My mom flew in on July 24th and my dad is arriving tomorrow! Lots of pics taken and I am certain lots more will be taken over the next week while they are here!

Next weekend we'll head to Kevin's aunt's cabin for some caming with my parents and Kevin's parents. Then, when my mom and dad leave the Monday after we're planning on heading up to the North Shore for some camping. We've never been there before and have heard so many neat things about it!

Man, I bet there are so many things I am not remembering, so I will come back in a few days to add and edit:) For now it is off to bed for me. Maybe I will be asleep before midnight for once:)