Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little bit of spring break

We decided to get away for a few days with the kids. I am already loving it and we've only been away from home for 3 hours! We're planning on eating out every day, doing only fun stuff (no cooking, cleaning etc) and relaxing. God knows I really need it! Thanks to Kevin for funding this break for us!
I will post pictures as we go:) Just need to re-size them since I keep taking pics in RAW mode.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Changes are so hard! And to force yourself to change yourself is not fun, but I have high hopes that by making some changes in my life I will be happier, healthier, more relaxed and this more fun to be with:)
Being pregnant at the first of the year gave a good excuse not to come up with any new years resolutions. Now though, since adding a member to our family went pretty quick and it was an easy adjustment, I figured I can see if I can maybe get some things changed around the house (meaning me first and foremost). I also want to get our house organized (yeah, I know I have said that so many times and it never happened, but nesting when I was pregnant helped make a foundation, and the nesting instinct is not quite gone yet so I want to take advantage of it).
So, over the next few weeks I will be working on changing me, and the house - trying to slim down both places:)
I will be taking baby steps, so these first few weeks I will just up my water intake and chart it, aim for one long walk every day ( I hope to walk the 5K during the Med City Marathon. (actually, I want to run the 5K, but I am not sure I will be able to do that with my back being all sassy these days), and work on one (1!) room every week to get it organized.
So, if you have any good organizing ideas for me, send them my way! I am more than happy to take directions from people:)
I have always been happy not to be anal about cleaning and organizing, but man, these days I wish I had been born afraid of dirt and mess:)
So wish me luck and cross your fingers I can get this to work for more than a month:)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break!

Or, is it winter break? It certainly feels like it! It is so cold! Either way, I have a whole week off from my nanny job,and some days off from the Y. I have major plans, none of which include resting, so we'll see how that goes:)

Today is a no school day, but I am working at my nanny job, so most of the day will be spent on the internet I am sure. The kids entertain themselves, Madeline will eat and sleep,and I will catch up on the latest about the Red River Flooding. It sounds pretty bad right now! So please send a prayer up for the people who are in that area, either to help out or live there.
My in-laws live in Moorhead, but I believe their house in North Moorhead won't have any problems, maybe some water in the basement, but that happens every Spring, and is nothing compared to those people with their houses under water.
My friend in West Fargo, whose husband runs a clinic up there, told me their office was being evacuated.

We were planning on going up there for Spring break, so I took that week off, but Kevin's parents were able to work it so that they can go visit my sister-in-law and family in OK, so that canceled our plans. All in all, probably for the best with all this water. I feel like I should be up there doing something, but knowing my bad back wouldn't be able to handle the lifting and passing of bags I would probably just be in the way.

Anyways, so I picked up a few shifts at the Y again (kinda wish I didn't take it off so that I could have gotten my normal hours) and will go to a training in the Cities next Friday. That will be fun. We might be able to arrange for a family weekend up there, so the kids and Kevin (minus Madeline - she'll be with me) can hang out at the hotel or swim or something while I am at the training.
So, I am trying to figure out when we can head up north next time. Seems like every time I can get off from work Lois is working, so we might just have to go up again one weekend while she is working and have fun with her when she gets home in the evening. The kids are getting antsy about visiting them, so hopefully we'll work it out soon.

My dad is coming to visit two days after Spring break ends. I wish they still hooked Spring Break onto the Easter weekend! We are all looking forward to his visit, and hopefully I will be able to arrange for a few days off from the Y since I picked up some Spring break Shifts. He'll be here over Easter and leave again on the 15th. Not long enough, but we're happy that he can come over and visit! The kids are all excited as my mom was here not long ago too. I am so grateful my parents have been able to come visit us so frequently! We love spending time with them!.

Now, off to plan my evening. I am hoping to do something fun with Kevin, or just even make a nice dinner and hang out. No need to follow the NCAA bracket as mine looks horrible!

Hope you are all staying warm and dry!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thankful and sappy I guess

I had one of those very emotional days when I just really needed some help a few days ago (nothing serious, just worn out) but enough to make me realize how much I love my friends and family! They are the greatest!
So, this post is dedicated to those that I love the most in this world, in no certain order!

Kevin - my wonderful and amazing husband! (He won't be reading this, so don't worry about him being embarrassed:) ) Without him I would not have the three beautiful kids I have. His never ending love, his persistence when I am ready to give up, his need to take care of his family and make sure no one treats us wrong and his dedication to provide for us all that we need and more has made me a brand new person and I find myself falling in love with him more and more, over and over again.
I know that sound cheesy, and there are days when I am ready to scream at him, but he is hands down the best person I have ever met! Love you Honey! Din Hanne Honning!

Elin - my bff! Even living at such a distance you are always there for me, and I cannot thank you enough! (yes, she might actually read this). For listening when I need an ear to vent to. Remember this poem:
A shoulder to cry on
an ear to bend
money to borrow
clothes to lend

Friday movies
afternoon walks
being together
our private talks

Mending out hearts
crying those tears
our memories together
- will they never end?
always together, forever friends

I still have it hanging in the frame with the pictures of our friends. I look at it every day and it totally makes my day to see all those faces and think of all the fun and crazy stuff we did back then :) Getting to know you and having you as my friend is one of the greatest gifts ever! Thank you for letting me bend your ear this past year! Kjempe gla i deg Elin!

Karen - my other bff. I am lucky enough to have her here in town with me! I first met her at her wedding in Bismarck many year ago! My hubby knew her hubby. Since then we've slowly become better friends, and after working together I now consider her one of my two best friends! She is the one person here in town I know I can call whenever I need someone to talk to, help me out or when my real family is getting on my nerves:) Thank you Karen for your support this past year! I consider you and your family my family in Rochester! Love ya! Victoria says she loves you all too! Especially her "sister" Sophie :)

Jen - you are an awesome help with my kids (and Brett too!)! I am so glad that my older two kids are the same age as your kids and that they get a long so well! I am so thankful for you and your family and that you are part of our lives! Thank you!!

So, even though my family is far away - I still get the feeling of family from these wonderful friends! If I got to pick and choose who I could add to my family - you would be the ones!

My family in Norway is amazing too! Without going into it too much (since I miss them so much) I will just say I am thankful for them, and that I hope I will get to see them all soon. I want to show my latest princess with them all, and let my kids get to know them all better (and perhaps pick up on some more Norwegian).

Man, I guess I am in a sappy mood today! I feel tons better, but still homesick:( Looking at pictures from Norway is not making it any better I guess. I think the wonderful smell of Spring is working on me:)
Have a wonderful day you all, and enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting back in a routine

I started back at work last Monday (the 2nd) and man did I pick the wrong day! Work was crazy busy - which from a business standpoint is awesome. I just wish I had picked a slower day to get back into the routine:) It is great to be back though. I have honestly missed all my co-workers and all the members and kids that I see every day.
I was still not feeling great when I went back to work, due to the sinus infection that I never got treated right, but by the end of the week I was better.

In addition to starting work again (at my 2nd job) I also watched my two beautiful nephews two days as my sister-in-law here in town had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. She is on the mend now. I had fun with the two boys, but man, again, it was a lot of work! The youngest one is only 9 months and does not walk, and the older one is 2. This means I had to carry two babies (Madeline and nephew) as well as wait for the 2 year old to catch up. My arms were killing me!
I am glad I was able to help out though. That is what family is for!

On Sunday we finally got to go to the Couple's Mini Congregation again that we've been wanting to join. We Missed the first week, went the 2nd, missed the third as I was sick, and went again this past weekend. I enjoy the people there and the chance to explore the bible more.

Before we left for church that day I got an email form my dad that he will be coming to visit over Easter. We are thrilled! Soon thereafter he called with the news that my maternal grandma had a heart attack. She is doing ok now and the surgery to have a stent put in went well.

Kevin has to work all weekend as well and is still very busy at work. I hope he will get a break soon so that he can catch up on some sleep!

This week has been slower, but it will be longer as my schedule makes me work on Saturday as well as every other day of the week. It will be nice to make some money again after 7 weeks of no pay:)
Tonight we're having date night while the kids are at Awana. Gonna have us some pie from Baker's Square:)

Have a wonderful day all!