Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break!

Or, is it winter break? It certainly feels like it! It is so cold! Either way, I have a whole week off from my nanny job,and some days off from the Y. I have major plans, none of which include resting, so we'll see how that goes:)

Today is a no school day, but I am working at my nanny job, so most of the day will be spent on the internet I am sure. The kids entertain themselves, Madeline will eat and sleep,and I will catch up on the latest about the Red River Flooding. It sounds pretty bad right now! So please send a prayer up for the people who are in that area, either to help out or live there.
My in-laws live in Moorhead, but I believe their house in North Moorhead won't have any problems, maybe some water in the basement, but that happens every Spring, and is nothing compared to those people with their houses under water.
My friend in West Fargo, whose husband runs a clinic up there, told me their office was being evacuated.

We were planning on going up there for Spring break, so I took that week off, but Kevin's parents were able to work it so that they can go visit my sister-in-law and family in OK, so that canceled our plans. All in all, probably for the best with all this water. I feel like I should be up there doing something, but knowing my bad back wouldn't be able to handle the lifting and passing of bags I would probably just be in the way.

Anyways, so I picked up a few shifts at the Y again (kinda wish I didn't take it off so that I could have gotten my normal hours) and will go to a training in the Cities next Friday. That will be fun. We might be able to arrange for a family weekend up there, so the kids and Kevin (minus Madeline - she'll be with me) can hang out at the hotel or swim or something while I am at the training.
So, I am trying to figure out when we can head up north next time. Seems like every time I can get off from work Lois is working, so we might just have to go up again one weekend while she is working and have fun with her when she gets home in the evening. The kids are getting antsy about visiting them, so hopefully we'll work it out soon.

My dad is coming to visit two days after Spring break ends. I wish they still hooked Spring Break onto the Easter weekend! We are all looking forward to his visit, and hopefully I will be able to arrange for a few days off from the Y since I picked up some Spring break Shifts. He'll be here over Easter and leave again on the 15th. Not long enough, but we're happy that he can come over and visit! The kids are all excited as my mom was here not long ago too. I am so grateful my parents have been able to come visit us so frequently! We love spending time with them!.

Now, off to plan my evening. I am hoping to do something fun with Kevin, or just even make a nice dinner and hang out. No need to follow the NCAA bracket as mine looks horrible!

Hope you are all staying warm and dry!

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mamma said...

Herlig med litt fri, og du trenger det nok!
Sjekker nyheter og nettet ang. opplysninger om flommen, prøver å følge med.
Nydelig vær her et par dager, nyter det.
Hils alle!