Sunday, August 31, 2008


Michael is out fishing with his best buddy Ben today. We were supposed to have him up and ready by 5:45, but when the doorbell rang a few minutes before 6 we were all still sleeping! I had accidentally set the alarm for 5:15pm!
We got him up though and off to go fishing at Lake Peppin.

We're crossing our fingers that he catches us something good to eat for dinner:)


Hurricane Gustav

Just wanted to let you all know that we're praying for all of those who might be affected by the Hurricane expected to hit land overnight tonight. I hope that all of you evacuating will be ok and those of you staying also safe! Be Careful!

Here's a place to track Gustav (via Wunderground)


Monday, August 25, 2008

Helpful kiddos

Wow! If I had had any inkling how helpful they would be, and how they would not whine when asked to tidy up their rooms, I would have told them before I knew I was pregnant! Today (I have the day off) they have both been busy puttering around in their rooms, putting things away, cleaning up and putting away toys they no longer want. Maybe it is because they usually do this at this time of the year (birthday's coming up in a few weeks), but I am more likely to believe it is because they actually want to help out!

They kindly asked to have a break when daddy came home from work to eat lunch, and said without prompting that as soon as he leaves they will work again.
Little do they know that I am not gonna let them back at it today:) We're taking the afternoon out just for tons of fun! Library, parks, feeding the geese etc. I feel soo blessed to have such wonderful kids, who, when put their minds to it, know how to please their mama:)

I am in total nesting mode today (probably because it is all official) and have hit the house with a vengeance. Kitchen scrubbed down, kids' rooms (where they needed help), laundry, and working on the living room again (I stored a ton of junk there when cleaning other places). My net friend Keela inspired me. Thanks Keela!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

They didn't believe us.....

Kevin and I finally got to see the kids again Friday afternoon at Kevin's aunt's lake. When the kids got there, and after we got the tents up, we asked them if they would go on a walk with us. Of course Victoria had other plans and was not very happy that we made her go on a walk. A short diatance into the walk we stopped and I said :"Victoria, in January you are going to be a big sister, and Michael a big brother". Victoria's response: "Naha". Me: "Um...yes, you are. There is a baby in my belly and it is a girl". Michael's response: "Are you telling the truth?". Me: "Ask Dad then". They both turn to Kevin and say: " Is it true?"
When he told them it was they started getting excited and both were ok with the fact that the baby is a girl, thank goodness:) It was so funny though!

We asked Victoria if she wanted to tell Grandma and Grandpa and she said yes, so we started back to the lake. Both kids ran ahead of us and since they had such a weird first reaction I thought maybe they forgot about it all. But not so. Victoria did run over to grandma to tell her. They were all thrilled and I am sure quite surprised:)

Then at night, Victoria kept telling me over and over again that she is so excited and can't wait to be a big sister! Michael is more reserved but you can tell he is thrilled as well. He secretly hoped Victoria will be too busy playing mommy to the baby to be bugging him:)

I did take a lot of pics this weekend and I will upload another day. The first night we spent there it was so windy I thought we were going to fly away in our tents and I stayed up most of the night. Kevin was also awake as I kept him awake by shivering extremely due to fear! I have only been me afraid once in my life! The second night was much better. A bit chilly, but I always prefer to be cold when I sleep anyways.
So, now I am off to the couch for a nap while Kevin works on his fantasy football rankings for the draft party tonight:)

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Announcing our new addition

Baby Girl Lucier is due to arrive January 17th, 2009! A total surprise for all of us!
The kids still don't know (we'll tell them when we see them again tomorrow) and neither do Kevin's parents. Many other people don't know either, but I am guessing this post and my facebook pictures will spread quickly:)

Here is a picture of the little one. She was calm the majority of the time until towards the end when she was probably sick of being pushed around in there.

My pregnancy has gone well. Not much morning sickness at all. Did not have much of an appetite either though, so I lost weight in the beginning and have just now started gaining it back. My back has been bothering me a bit, but if that is due to pregnancy or slipping on the ice earlier this year I am not sure. I am currently 18 weeks 5 days, so I am almost half way there. The ultrasound put me at 19 weeks 3 days, but since both Michael and Victoria were big babies I am guessing that is the case for this one as well.

Anyways, that is about it for now.
I have to head to bed so that I can be ready for a weekend of camping, and to hang with my kids again. I have missed them tons!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home alone. Yikes!

Oki, so good times did have to come to and end, and my parents left for Norway again last Thursday. The same day we headed out to Kevin's parents' house for the weekend, and to drop the kids off for a week. No, Kevin and I did not go on a trip without the kids. We both had to be back at work Monday am.
We did however, get to spend some quality time together Saturday and Sunday, as well as most evenings this week. On Friday we're heading out again to meet the kids and grandma and grandpa at grandma's sister Carol's lake for a weekend of camping.

Monday and Tuesday I worked as normal and then today I worked at the Y. I got to meet my new boss, who seems very nice, and catch up with all the parents, kids and wonderful co-workers.
Now, however, I am sitting here, home along! I guess it is as good of a time as any to catch up on my blogging too:)
Kevin and I are planning on going out to dinner tonight to Hubblehouse. Never been there but we've talked about it for years!
Last night we celebrated Sean's 2ns birthday. He is my wonderful friend Karen's youngest. They had a grill out, fire and smores. Gotta love me some smores:)
Monday we went to Outback and ate dinner way later than we ever have before:) See, we are pathetic! All we do when the kids are gone is eat:) I am not sure I want to be without my kids too often. They certainly liven up our dull lives:)
Tomorrow we're actually eating at home. We will have some pork chops and corn. yum!

Tomorrow I also go back to work for one day. The family I work for is heading to Disney for a long weekend. It is always nice to only have one work day between days off:)
I also have a couple of appointments tomorrow, but I will blog about that another day.

The weather in August has been awesome! For almost a whole week we were able to keep the windows open, no AC all day! Some nights it has actually gotten chilly in our room to the point where I had to use my big fat blanket. Nothing is better than being cold to the point of freezing at night!

I was planning on spending a lot of time back-to-school shopping this week while the kids were gone, but when we were up north last weekend Kevin's mom - who is a pro at finding good deals - gave me enough clothes for both kids to last them a while. Now I just need to get tennis shoes for them and maybe one outfit just for fun:)

I guess I could start planning their birthday parties, but I am sure they want to have a say in the decisions, so I will just enjoy my down time. Of course, what I really SHOULD be doing is clean my house, but that is no fun.

Anyways, enough ramblings from me:)
I will update with pictures after this weekend and hopefully get better at blogging when I have more time - not unlike today. Because what in the world will I do with my time when the kids are both in school?

Take care all!