Monday, August 25, 2008

Helpful kiddos

Wow! If I had had any inkling how helpful they would be, and how they would not whine when asked to tidy up their rooms, I would have told them before I knew I was pregnant! Today (I have the day off) they have both been busy puttering around in their rooms, putting things away, cleaning up and putting away toys they no longer want. Maybe it is because they usually do this at this time of the year (birthday's coming up in a few weeks), but I am more likely to believe it is because they actually want to help out!

They kindly asked to have a break when daddy came home from work to eat lunch, and said without prompting that as soon as he leaves they will work again.
Little do they know that I am not gonna let them back at it today:) We're taking the afternoon out just for tons of fun! Library, parks, feeding the geese etc. I feel soo blessed to have such wonderful kids, who, when put their minds to it, know how to please their mama:)

I am in total nesting mode today (probably because it is all official) and have hit the house with a vengeance. Kitchen scrubbed down, kids' rooms (where they needed help), laundry, and working on the living room again (I stored a ton of junk there when cleaning other places). My net friend Keela inspired me. Thanks Keela!

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