Thursday, August 21, 2008

Announcing our new addition

Baby Girl Lucier is due to arrive January 17th, 2009! A total surprise for all of us!
The kids still don't know (we'll tell them when we see them again tomorrow) and neither do Kevin's parents. Many other people don't know either, but I am guessing this post and my facebook pictures will spread quickly:)

Here is a picture of the little one. She was calm the majority of the time until towards the end when she was probably sick of being pushed around in there.

My pregnancy has gone well. Not much morning sickness at all. Did not have much of an appetite either though, so I lost weight in the beginning and have just now started gaining it back. My back has been bothering me a bit, but if that is due to pregnancy or slipping on the ice earlier this year I am not sure. I am currently 18 weeks 5 days, so I am almost half way there. The ultrasound put me at 19 weeks 3 days, but since both Michael and Victoria were big babies I am guessing that is the case for this one as well.

Anyways, that is about it for now.
I have to head to bed so that I can be ready for a weekend of camping, and to hang with my kids again. I have missed them tons!

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