Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer is here - and so are the storms and the goodbyes:(

What a day!
With working in the place I do, I get to meet many wonderful families, and since we live in a medical town, many of them don't stay forever. Today I said bye to one of my favorite families and I came to the conclusion that I am not a big fan of the residents leaving season! Me being all hormonal (I blame it on new mommy hormones still!) goodbyes are a sure way to get the waterworks going!
So, instead, they will now be "See you later"s instead. Good luck to all my resident friends and their families! I have loved getting to know you all, and wish you the best in your futures. I hope that it won't be too long before I get to see you guys again. I know I have my mind set on a girls trip to Vegas for sure:)

Then, if that was not bad enough - we got one of those nasty summer storms. You know, thunder, lightning, warnings on the TV, tornadoes touching down places! If you have every been to Norway and experienced a thunderstorm there you would laugh at me. I was terrified of storms there, and the ones in the US are SO much worse! Kevin has gotten so used to me being terrified that if the storms start at night he'll just automatically roll over in bed and hold around me - knowing I am shaking in fright! For real, I am really that afraid! I try to be brave for the kids (at least until they are sleeping!) but man that is hard!
Anyways, I have yet to look outside since the worst of the storm passed, but from what my fellow Rochester people are posting on Facebook, it does not look good out there. At least we did not have tornadoes touch here, but wind gusts up to 70mph is a lot! So, when this post is done, I will be heading up and out to check out the damage.

I am not a big fan of Minnesota Winters either.....makes me wonder when the time to head home is! I would be able to handle a Norwegian thunderstorm all by myself after 11 years in MN!

Summer is here

at least the kids are off on Summer break now. It started out cold and rainy, got hot and humid, and stormy! I am hoping for a summer like last year, when we only had the AC on for a few days early on:)

Michael is thrilled to be off from school, but not so much about getting up to go to work with me. He participated in a track meet on Tuesday - pictures to come.

Victoria wishes school was still in session, and has been my early bird this week. She also ran in the track meet - pics to come again.

Madeline is still adjusting to a later nap, loves baby sister and being outside!

Kaia is growing like a weed. She is 2 months old today. We go in tomorrow for her 2 month appointment. She is such a fun baby, and she sleeps through the night every now and then. Since I feed on demand it is a hit or miss if we get the last feeding done at the right time for bedtime, but that is ok.

We had another showing today, before the big storm hit. Hopefully it turns into a sale. Of course, I know not to get my hopes up. We have one house we really like, and another one on our list to check out, so if we do happen to sell our house soon, at least we're thinking of our new home:)

We're heading to Kevin's parents place this weekend as his younger sister is coming with her family from OK. We're very excited to see them again, and to meet the youngest addition to their family (she is almost 1!). We'll also celebrate Father's Day there and Lois' birthday.
Then we'll head home for two weeks before my parents fly in (barring no natural catastrophes or strikes or anything like that). We're very excited to see them again, especially since my mom has yet to meet her youngest grandchild. While they are here, Kevin's older sis will be coming to visit with her two kids, and after my parents leave we'll go camping at Kevin's aunt's lake with them, and the rest of the Minnesota in-laws. It will be busy but fun I am sure!
The month of August will be a work month, except for a week when the older two kids are (at least the plan is that they will) spending with grandma and grandpa in Moorhead. Kevin and I do not have big plans since we'll have the little two girls still, but I am hoping we can come up with something other than watching movies at home:)

So, pictures to come later. Kevin has the memory card packed away somewhere. I really do need to get some new pictures up here though. And hopefully I will be able to keep up with blogging as well...