Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 weeks old

I have yet to take more pictures of Kaia, but wanted to write a little about her growing:)
I took her in on Monday (a few days over 3 weeks old) and she weighed in at 8lbs 13 oz (1oz) short of where Madeline was at birth! She was 21 1/2 inches long too, so she is for sure growing! It just feels so funny that she is still not the size her big sis was at birth!
She is doing great, eating well obviously, sleeping good at night, and in general is a happy baby. Not a whole lot of crying unless she is very tired and hungry. She lets us know when it is cuddle time, and I love that:) I think she'll end up being a tummy sleeper and she falls asleep as soon as I try giving her tummy time!

She is outgrowing her newborn clothes, although the 0-3 month clothes are still big. This is my first kiddo who actually fit in newborn clothes though, so that is cool:) She is still in newborn diapers, but I see a move up into 1's as soon as we finish the newborn pack we have. The 1's will be a bit big, but I don't think they will for very long. My first one to actually wear newborn diapers and fit into them too:)

Madeline is doing great with her baby sister. She loves to hold her, kiss her and sing for her.
Victoria is awesome help and makes Madeline happy whenever need be.
Michael is the greatest help I have, much due to him being the oldest and wanting to help out I think. I think he is Madeline's favorite person these days. Yesterday she was having a rough time at MOPS, but as soon as he came in she was ok with me leaving:)
Kevin is back to work, but still takes on a lot of the slack at home. He still won't let me carry much stuff and will give me the "slightly evil eye" if I lift something I am not supposed to or don't ask for help:) Gotta love this guy!

Sleep is going well too. Kaia slept from 10:30 until 4:15 last night! It was great. However, I tend to not be able to go back to sleep after feeding her so I get a bit of reading in in the early morning hours:)

Our house is still listed. Had a showing this past weekend, but nothing came of it. It would be great to sell the house, but I guess patience is a virtue and is certainly needed in the current home buyers market.

The kids have Awana Awards night this evening - the last Awana meeting for the year - so we'll take pictures there and post tomorrow. I will make sure to add some of Kaia as well:)