Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home alone. Yikes!

Oki, so good times did have to come to and end, and my parents left for Norway again last Thursday. The same day we headed out to Kevin's parents' house for the weekend, and to drop the kids off for a week. No, Kevin and I did not go on a trip without the kids. We both had to be back at work Monday am.
We did however, get to spend some quality time together Saturday and Sunday, as well as most evenings this week. On Friday we're heading out again to meet the kids and grandma and grandpa at grandma's sister Carol's lake for a weekend of camping.

Monday and Tuesday I worked as normal and then today I worked at the Y. I got to meet my new boss, who seems very nice, and catch up with all the parents, kids and wonderful co-workers.
Now, however, I am sitting here, home along! I guess it is as good of a time as any to catch up on my blogging too:)
Kevin and I are planning on going out to dinner tonight to Hubblehouse. Never been there but we've talked about it for years!
Last night we celebrated Sean's 2ns birthday. He is my wonderful friend Karen's youngest. They had a grill out, fire and smores. Gotta love me some smores:)
Monday we went to Outback and ate dinner way later than we ever have before:) See, we are pathetic! All we do when the kids are gone is eat:) I am not sure I want to be without my kids too often. They certainly liven up our dull lives:)
Tomorrow we're actually eating at home. We will have some pork chops and corn. yum!

Tomorrow I also go back to work for one day. The family I work for is heading to Disney for a long weekend. It is always nice to only have one work day between days off:)
I also have a couple of appointments tomorrow, but I will blog about that another day.

The weather in August has been awesome! For almost a whole week we were able to keep the windows open, no AC all day! Some nights it has actually gotten chilly in our room to the point where I had to use my big fat blanket. Nothing is better than being cold to the point of freezing at night!

I was planning on spending a lot of time back-to-school shopping this week while the kids were gone, but when we were up north last weekend Kevin's mom - who is a pro at finding good deals - gave me enough clothes for both kids to last them a while. Now I just need to get tennis shoes for them and maybe one outfit just for fun:)

I guess I could start planning their birthday parties, but I am sure they want to have a say in the decisions, so I will just enjoy my down time. Of course, what I really SHOULD be doing is clean my house, but that is no fun.

Anyways, enough ramblings from me:)
I will update with pictures after this weekend and hopefully get better at blogging when I have more time - not unlike today. Because what in the world will I do with my time when the kids are both in school?

Take care all!

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