Sunday, August 24, 2008

They didn't believe us.....

Kevin and I finally got to see the kids again Friday afternoon at Kevin's aunt's lake. When the kids got there, and after we got the tents up, we asked them if they would go on a walk with us. Of course Victoria had other plans and was not very happy that we made her go on a walk. A short diatance into the walk we stopped and I said :"Victoria, in January you are going to be a big sister, and Michael a big brother". Victoria's response: "Naha". Me: "Um...yes, you are. There is a baby in my belly and it is a girl". Michael's response: "Are you telling the truth?". Me: "Ask Dad then". They both turn to Kevin and say: " Is it true?"
When he told them it was they started getting excited and both were ok with the fact that the baby is a girl, thank goodness:) It was so funny though!

We asked Victoria if she wanted to tell Grandma and Grandpa and she said yes, so we started back to the lake. Both kids ran ahead of us and since they had such a weird first reaction I thought maybe they forgot about it all. But not so. Victoria did run over to grandma to tell her. They were all thrilled and I am sure quite surprised:)

Then at night, Victoria kept telling me over and over again that she is so excited and can't wait to be a big sister! Michael is more reserved but you can tell he is thrilled as well. He secretly hoped Victoria will be too busy playing mommy to the baby to be bugging him:)

I did take a lot of pics this weekend and I will upload another day. The first night we spent there it was so windy I thought we were going to fly away in our tents and I stayed up most of the night. Kevin was also awake as I kept him awake by shivering extremely due to fear! I have only been me afraid once in my life! The second night was much better. A bit chilly, but I always prefer to be cold when I sleep anyways.
So, now I am off to the couch for a nap while Kevin works on his fantasy football rankings for the draft party tonight:)

Have a great Sunday!


elin said...

hehe, herlig reaksjon på ungene :)


Hammari said...

ja, de va ganske kos:) Ikkje akkorat de eg hadde forventa, men annerledes enn ka de fleste har tenke eg meg:)

Torunn said...

Hehe...så herleg!! Synes eg ser dei for meg. ;) Tenkjer dei e stolte!!