Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting back in a routine

I started back at work last Monday (the 2nd) and man did I pick the wrong day! Work was crazy busy - which from a business standpoint is awesome. I just wish I had picked a slower day to get back into the routine:) It is great to be back though. I have honestly missed all my co-workers and all the members and kids that I see every day.
I was still not feeling great when I went back to work, due to the sinus infection that I never got treated right, but by the end of the week I was better.

In addition to starting work again (at my 2nd job) I also watched my two beautiful nephews two days as my sister-in-law here in town had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. She is on the mend now. I had fun with the two boys, but man, again, it was a lot of work! The youngest one is only 9 months and does not walk, and the older one is 2. This means I had to carry two babies (Madeline and nephew) as well as wait for the 2 year old to catch up. My arms were killing me!
I am glad I was able to help out though. That is what family is for!

On Sunday we finally got to go to the Couple's Mini Congregation again that we've been wanting to join. We Missed the first week, went the 2nd, missed the third as I was sick, and went again this past weekend. I enjoy the people there and the chance to explore the bible more.

Before we left for church that day I got an email form my dad that he will be coming to visit over Easter. We are thrilled! Soon thereafter he called with the news that my maternal grandma had a heart attack. She is doing ok now and the surgery to have a stent put in went well.

Kevin has to work all weekend as well and is still very busy at work. I hope he will get a break soon so that he can catch up on some sleep!

This week has been slower, but it will be longer as my schedule makes me work on Saturday as well as every other day of the week. It will be nice to make some money again after 7 weeks of no pay:)
Tonight we're having date night while the kids are at Awana. Gonna have us some pie from Baker's Square:)

Have a wonderful day all!


Amanda said...

Sounds like things have been very busy for you! I hope you're feeling all better!!! :-)

mamma said...

Vil bare fortelle at det går bra med mormor. Hun har vann på lungene, noe som kan skje etter slik prosedyre, men føler seg bedre for hver dag. DE vil nok holde henne til helgen, kanskje over helgen.
Skal hilse fra alle, også de nordenfra!!

Håper dere får ei flott og rolig helg!!

Torunn said...

Høyres ut som du har det travelt, men at det går bedre! Ser mor di har skrive her at det går bedre med tante, og det er bra! Tenke masse på dåke! Klem