Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting there

Over the past few weeks we've worked hard on the house. That is, Kevin has worked while I have supervised:) We have moved loads of stuff out of the house either to Savers or the storage unit we rented. We have painted the kitchen, girls' bedroom and trim, Michael's room, rejuvenated the wood floor in the living room and hallway. And yet, so much remains to be done! It drives me nuts that I can only do so much before I am in pain and have to sit out the rest of the evening. Spending more than a few hours on my feet at a time brings my hernia out (and according to people it is the size of baby's head!).
We're hoping to list our house this coming week, so we need to touch up on all walls upstairs (kids have already done a number on them!), finish painting the trim in Michael's room, painting the bathroom cabinets and trim, paint the basement walls, all the while cleaning and keeping the every day chores going. Oh, we have to paint our bedroom and trim too....Man! Poor Kevin!
I am so excited to get over with the prepping the house though, and step over into the "house is listed" phase.
With each day that passes Kevin's list grows bigger as mine shrinks. We have only 30 days left before due date, so in reality anything can happen as soon as Easter is over. I just hope and pray we have all the things done then so that I won't leave Kevin with the biggest to do list ever, or stress about it while in the hospital!
Most likely I won't be much help after baby comes either due to surgeries that are very likely to happen while I am still in the hospital after giving birth. Only time will tell though.
Anyways, that was a good rant. Now back to working the church phone list for volunteers for this weekend! Do you think anyone would notice if I disappeared from the face of the earth for a week or two?

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