Friday, March 26, 2010

Our house is listed!!

All that hard work and late nights have come to and least in a way. We still have a few things to do around the house, items to move to storage from the garage etc, but our house is now officially on the market! The sign will be put up later today, but we're in the MLS, have the realtor visit sign in sheet and such all in the house! We could get people calling at any time to set up a time to look at the house. Exciting and scary all at once! My biggest worry is forgetting to tidy something up before we head out of the house, and then come home and see that someone stopped by to check the house out. I have made a to-do-before-we-leave-the-house list though, so hopefully that will remedy some of that fear:) Pictures will be posted later when I re-charge my camera.

Today I only have 24 days left until my due date, so it feels good to have the house on the market. The stuff that is left to do, I know Kevin can handle if for some reason baby decided to come way early. Saying that probably made it for sure I will go over though:) I have a few things to get ready before baby, but again, Kevin can take care of that while I am in the hospital too. As long as I remember to bring the camera:)

Now that we have the big projects in the house taken care of, I can focus a bit more on getting baby clothes cleaned and packing my hospital bag. I have learned though, that packing it too early only makes me re-pack it 50 times before the actual time:)

Today Spring Break began for the older two kids and I actually took the week off from work too, so I can hang out with them. I tried telling myself I needed the time to rest and relax (which I do!) since I end up dizzy and exhausted all the time, but I know with extra time at home I will try to get more work done. Oh well.....I am glad I get to spend more time with them, even if it is bonding while we are matching socks from the laundry pile:)

For Easter we're staying in town, and hopefully some friends and family will come over. If not, we'll just be having a nice and quiet Easter with just the 5 of us. I already know what Madeline will be getting in her Easter Basket - crayons and coloring paper! She loves to draw! Not sure what the older two will get as they informed me there is no Easter Bunny, no Santa, and no Tooth Fairy! I am guessing they are still interested in getting candy though!

After Easter my mom and dad will come visit for a bit, hopefully baby will be here by then, or at least arrive while they are here:) We're very excited to see them again!

Ok, enough slacking here. Better get back to the laundry folding! I made a to-do-list for the first day of Spring break, and you'd never believe it, but I am actually almost done with it! I guess that means I have to come up with something else for tomorrow:) I work all weekend at church, not quite what I was hoping to do since I worked last weekend and the weekend before and will work Easter weekend too, but what can you do? At least that means more moola ;)

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