Monday, March 29, 2010

How come it is always so expensive?

So I have a few things on my wish list, and of course, they are not cheap! I am not a diamonds and jewelry kind of person. I prefer things that have a good use, can make my life easier etc.......
I think the best gift Kevin ever gave me (I am not counting kids and him marrying me and such, as that is obviously the greatest!) was 1/2 a Tivo! Yeah, 1/2 of one:) He had to keep the other half (that of course is all hooked up with my half) for football season:) And at first I thought it was the lamest gift ever! Come on, a Tivo - electronics? What can that do for me? I tell you - SO much!! it Cuts the time Kevin spends watching football in half, I never miss a TV show, I can pause or rewind my show when the kids are loud (not that I watch anything but their shows when they are awake) and I can pick which shows the kids get to watch! How awesome is that!?! It took about a week after it was hooked up before I realized what a genius I married!

He also gave me a beautiful ring for our 5th anniversary, and I love it! Kevin is a practical kind of guy, so those two gifts were not what I would have expected at all. Ok, I will give him the practicality of the Tivo, but since it is not a necessity it really surprised me! ...:)

Now, I think that living with Kevin is what has made me a practical person rather than a stuff just because person. My wishlist now contains a Moby or a Sleep Wrap (for carrying baby in - they are awesome! You can even nurse while on the go!), a bike trailer for when we all go biking, iPod touch (ok, so this is a just because item - I am totally in love with the item though, just not the cost), and a double stroller (kind of a must with two little ones). And I would even be happy getting them all used! But, how come they all have to be so expensive? Why can't I want something under $20?
The price for a Moby like this one or Sleepy wrap is around $40 for the cheaper models and I do have a carrier, just not a Moby or Sleep Wrap. So, not really needed even though it would be practical.
A bike trailer is closer to $200 for the one that turns into a stroller too, so way too expensive to really be needed even though having one would mean we could all go on a bike ride together. A double stroller also $200ish and an iPod touch......WAY too much!
Funniest thing is that Kevin and I were talking just this weekend about how expensive women are, and he is so right! And by having this wish list, I am proving him right too.....Thank goodness I can still delete this post:)

Thankfully I have a hubby who has good money sense and works hard for his family, even if that means I end up with items on my wish list that I most likely won't ever get (except for the double stroller - I know I will get that:) ) Love you Kevin, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being practical and rational and keeping me in place:) Things are just that - things - and family, house and food is so much more important! Kevin, thanks for decluttering my life (and our house) and for still allowing me to have some of the stuff you would consider junk :)

Now off to declutter the guest bedroom to make it ready for guests this Easter weekend:)

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