Monday, April 12, 2010

Crunch time! Or maybe not:)

Tomorrow marks the day when I will be 39 weeks pregnant. I always find it interesting how you can spend so many months preparing, waiting and then not so patiently waiting for baby to come, and when that time is right around the corner and it could happen any day, you find yourself not ready at all! If baby was to come today we'd be ok, but there are still things I would like to have done, shop for etc.
Most of my day goes to entertaining Madeline, keeping the house ready to show on short notice and wondering what to eat next:)
So, maybe over the next week I can get some actual stuff done too... I still need to get a diaper bag, comfy sweats to go home in, make some meals to keep in the freezer for later, clean the bassinette sheets (although Kevin can do this while I am in the hospital too), get some more newborn onesies (for some reason I only have one!). Baby's clothes are in storage along with baby toys and such, but then again, I won't need that for a few days at least, and Kevin can get it while I am in the hospital.
I also need to pack a bag for the kids just in case baby announces her arrival in the middle of the night, pack my hospital bag, get a book to read while in the hospital, figure out which outfit I am bringing baby home in etc. I have also decided to get myself an iPod touch! Would be nice to have by the time I go to the hospital, but most likely, it won't happen. I would enjoy having a Kindle too, but who can justify spending so much money on two things when we have a baby coming?
Either way, not too many things need to be done still, and certainly none that are going to be a problem if we don't have it all done in time, but it still bugs me I have not done it. Do you think that gets me off my rear end and up and doing things? Nope:)
Oh well, it feels so nice to just be home, play with Madeline and not worry about getting out of my PJ's right away in the morning. Napping is on my schedule too, which is always nice:)

So, here's to meeting baby soon (although, she can't come on Friday as that will mess up surgery plans!) and just taking everything else one step/day at a time:)

Life is good!

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