Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today is the day for making plans. That is sure to start labor for real, right?!:)

Today's plans are to clean up around the house - kinda need to have it all clean for whenever I go into labor as we could end up with showings at any time. It is hard though with a 15 month old who hates when boxes and drawers have things in them, when we have anything on the able (including tablecloths), loves to empty my purse and cabinets - because cabinets can't have anything in them either. Of course, it does not bother her when there is stuff all over the floors. That is ok:)

So, plans:, clean up in kitchen, bathroom, do laundry (I was caught up for all of one day!), get guest room ready for my parents coming tomorrow!!, figure out where I stacked the bassinette sheets, take junk to Savers for donating, walk, walk, walk, grocery shop, hm......nothing I have to do, which is too bad. I think HAVE TO DO things are more likely to make you go into labor before you get to them. So, if you can think of anything I HAVE TO DO, let me know:)

So, if I can get any of the things above done, it will be good. I also hope for a nap as sleep was not readily available last night due to restless legs - probably THE most annoying thing of pregnancy! With Michael I had it so bad I shook my legs all night - shaking myself to sleep:)

So, off to tackle the day:)

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