Sunday, January 18, 2009

A picture of the kids

I finally got around to resizing one of the pictures from when I was in the hospital. So here it is:)

Now, I will go work on the other ones as well:) I am using handy, dandy paint to re-size them, so it will take me a few minutes:)
Here we go:Victoria with baby sister Madeline Can you tell she is proud?!

Michael with baby sister. Looks like a pro at holding babies!

Some of the pictures taken after we got home. I was hoping to get a good one for the birth announcements.

This was taken in the hospital soon before leaving.


Diane said...

What beautiful kids! :)

Torunn said...


Hanne said...

thank you! We love them lots:)

Anne Elise said...

Ser ut som hun er mer en en uke gammel!!
Kjempeflotte unger!!
...sier ei stolt mormor!!

Hanne said...

Ja, hun er ganske flink og vaaken til aa vaere en uke gammel.
Her en dagen var hun vaaken en hel time, bare kikket paa storesoesknene.

Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live said...

She's such a cutie pie! Definitely a keeper!

Leif S. said...

Hun ser ut for å være mer enn uke gammel, jeg gleder meg til å få holde henne.