Thursday, January 15, 2009

School is canceled again!

Due to the cold weather they have canceled school for tomorrow. It actually works out great for me as tomorrow was going to be early release with Victoria being done at 11:20 and Madeline having an appointment at 11:30.
Tomorrow is also Michael's Overnight Blast at the Y, so it will be good for him to be able to sleep in and take it easy as I am pretty sure he won't be sleeping a lot Friday night. Kevin is going with him as one of the chaperones.
I took some more pictures of Madeline today, but I think they are too big to be uploaded. I saw them in RAW file so I am thinking I might have re-size them before I can upload them. I will play around with that tomorrow when I am not so tired!

Good night all, and stay warm wherever you are!

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mamma said...

Nå venter vi i spenning på resultatet av sjekken i dag!!