Friday, January 2, 2009

Super Excited!!

I got an email from my mom letting me know she got tickets to come visit us in February! I am so excited!!
I also had my OB appointment today, and that was less fun. I found out I tested positive for Group B Strep, which means I have to have an IV antibiotic when I go trhough labor and delivery. Bummer. I was hoping I could get by without one again! On the brighter side, it does mean that by next week (unless baby decides to come on her own) they will set the date for me to be induced. With the risk of having a rapid delivery and not getting the meds in time they would rather set me up to be induced as not to risk the baby getting the Strep as well.
Right now I am still only at a 1, so she did not want to set it up yet. I guess all the contractions I have had these past two weeks have done nothing.

Today's work day is almost over. It is nice to only have one work day before the weekend! I work at the Y tomorrow, but that is only until noon, so not bad at all:)

Kevin is at home today, and kept the kids as well so that they could sleep in. Last night he made a to-do-list for himself and it included making a turkey dinner! Isn't that great? We were intending on having it yesterday, but Kevin had the chance to go gaming with the guys, so we put it off until today. Who knows when he'll have the chance to go have much fun again. I am so blessed to have a husband who always puts us (me and the kids) first!


Torunn said...

Så kjekt at Anne Elise kjem på besøk!! Godt å ha familie rundt deg med småbarn i huset vil eg tru! Synd du har fått strept., men håpar ikkje jenta kjem så fort at ho får det og. Snill mann du har!! Godt med sånne mannfolk! :) Ein sånn ein har eg og, hjelper meg alltid så godt han kan. Ynskjer dåke ei flott helg! Og lykke til!! Klem

rakkarungen said...

Lykke til med fødsel og babyen, håper alt går bra. Gleder meg til å høre mer hvordan det er med dere.