Friday, January 23, 2009

Showing off the princess

I finally got out to go to the Y while Kids Care was open and I got to show Madeline off today! Kevin took the kids to the pool and I just hung with my co-workers. It was great! I really miss working there, but know it is good to have this time off for now too.
Kevin's parents came down this afternoon and is loving on the kids. This is their first meeting with Madeline and she is sleeping through it.
Kevin's mom gave us a Winnie the Pooh bedding set. It is so cute! She also brought us a convertible car seat - the rear facing to forward facing kind, so now we're set for a while!

Tomorrow is our baby shower that is held at the Y. It will be very fun to see so many people again (feels like I have been gone from work for more than 2 weeks!) Then on Tuesday is the baby shower for my supervisor's baby. She was born right before Thanksgiving, but due to scheduling issues the shower is not until now. So, I get to go back again on Tuesday!

I have only one more week left before I go back to my nanny job. that is be good too! I miss the kiddos. I will stop by on Thursday with Sarah's birthday present. She'll be 16 then. Man, she has grown up so fast! She was only 9 when I started working for them!

Anyways, time to go feed my porker. This time for my own comfort rather than her hunger!
Have a wonderful weekend you all!

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