Thursday, January 15, 2009

Negative 52 F with windchill!

That is almost negative 47 C! That is cold I tell ya!
Last night they canceled school for this morning (usually they wait until the day of) due to the severity of the weather!
I guess I picked the right time to go on maternity leave, with no reason to go outside at all!
The kids have early release tomorrow, no school Monday and next Friday, so it works out pretty nicely. Kevin has time of too, so he gets to spend time with the kids even more!

Better get going to feed the princess! Have a wonderful and warm day all!



Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live said...

I'm with you there girl! It was -52 last night in Fargo. But, alas, no luck with the school closing. Still the same old same old.

I had to laugh, I went to drop off Brandon at Middle School and NOT ONE child walked to school. There was a line stretching for over a mile in a half in each direction for parents to drop off their kids to school this morning!

The school gave the kids extra time to get to class because of the traffic back up!

So, from the frozen world that is the upper-midwest, I implore you to bundle up if you have to be out, and cuddle up if you don't! :)

Enjoy your no-school day!

Hanne said...

Kevin told me that they probably wouldn't close in Fargo, although I really think they should have! It is just too darn cold! I guess, up there though you are more likely to have days like today, and most people know to prepare for it. In Rochester I see kids walking to school some days and their coats are not even zipped, and they certainly are not winter coats. So when it hits the lows like today, those kids are going to freeze!
Stay warm!
I am certainly going to cuddle up instead of bundle up today and probably tomorrow too:)