Friday, January 16, 2009

Doctor's appointment update

Madeline had her first out of the hospital doctor's appointment today and it went very well! I was dreading taking her out in the frigid cold though!
She is not jaundice, and the doc said the main reason for that is how well she eats and it helps get rid of the waste produced by her bruises breaking down. Neither is she GBS positive, although we kinda knew that already since the first test came back negative. She has also gained back all her weight lost plus some and is now 8lbs 15 oz! He said that at this point the babies re usually still 10 oz below their birth weight, so she is doing great nursing! My little porker:)

She slept well last night, as did the rest of us since we got to sleep in:)

Michael and Kevin have been preparing for the overnight blast and Michael actually napped a bit too!

Victoria and I are having a girl's night in with Madeline - painting out nails (not baby's though), eating pizza and watching a chick flick:) It will be great! I am sure we will all end up in my room as well reading and cuddling.

Wishing you all a great and hopefully warmer weekend!


mamma said...

Så bra!! Kjenner jeg gleder meg mer og mer til å komme påå besøk!

Hanne said...

Vi gleder oss til du kommer ogsaa! Jeg maa jobbe hos Carl og Sarah mens du er her, men det er jo bare et par timer her og der, men har fri fra YMCA til etter at du reiser hjem.
Skal bli kjempekjekt!!