Friday, January 9, 2009

Disappointing appointment

I went in today for my checkup thinking (since the doc said so last time) I would get a date for an induction, but not so :( I did not have my regular doc and the doc I saw does not induce until 41 weeks 2days in case of prematurity. Did not matter that my other doc had it written in my chart that we were to set up an induction for a few days later. I was so set on knowing it would be set up I left the office in tears. I know it will happen sooner or later, but I am having nightmares about going into labor and not getting there in time for the IV antibiotics! Oh well, if that is the worst thing I can complain about I guess I am doing pretty good, huh:)
So, my next appointment is next Thursday - at 39 weeks 5 days, but I am going to see if I can reschedule for Wednesday just because it works better for me work wise.
So, this is today's update. I am currently cleaning the house again hoping to get something going by itself:)


elin said...

uff, ikke noe gøy. tenke på deg. masse klemmer, elin

Hanne said...

Jaja, det skjer nok snart nok:) Har hatt smaa rier siden jeg var inne, saa kansje det begynner naa allikevel, vi faar se:)

Torunn said...

Off, stakkar!! Tenke masse på deg!! Klem

mamma said...

Masse klemmer fra meg!
Tenker på deg hele tiden!!