Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still here, and Sorry!!!

Sorry I did not update yesterday. I had the most horrible headache I could not get rid of, and stayed on the couch and in bed as much as I could. Still no baby, so I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to know more:)
Kevin is hoping to game with the guys tomorrow, so Saturday am would be a perfect time to head to the hospital to be induced! I would love for baby girl to show up this weekend, but I guess if I have to wait until Monday that is ok too:) Another weekend to get stuff done. I still need to get out and spend money on a boppy and a diaper bag, preferably before baby gets here:) It is just so nice to not do anything when I get home from work in the evening!

Kevin and I got to go out to eat alone (probably for a long time) and tried a new for us restaurantt named Chesters downtown. It was ok. Maybe a little bit too upscale for us:) The salad I ordered was really good, but actually filled us up better than the dinner meal Kevin ordered. It is nice to have that time just for the two of us though.

My headache is here today too, and I am not sure why it is here. I have had it since Tuesday, so I hope it goes away soon. I actually woke up from the pain last night - combined with some weird dreaming, and could not get back to sleep so last night was a looong night, making today a loong day!

Tonight I have to make Victoria's VIP Board for school. She needs to have it with her on Monday - pictures of her and family and some info about her. We're waiting to fill out the last line of the info as it tells about her family. We might be able to add another name (if we ever decide on a name and baby shows up before then) before she heads to school on Monday. I really need to get that done as I would feel really bad if she did not have her board ready when it is her turn to be the VIP.
Anyways, that is today's update:) I am hoping I will have internet access at the hospital so that I can update as soon as something happens and share pictures right away too, but I really do not know. I need to remember to ask what I can use and what they do not have tomorrow at my apointment.

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Venter i spenning... ;) Tenke masse på dåke alle saman!! Klem