Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing happened

overnight, and I am kind of happy about that. It is hard to go into labor when you have been up all day trying to get labor going :)
We have a busy day ahead of us, trying to get smaller chores done, major grocery shopping, some laundry (I ALWAYS have lots of laundry to do) and some basic cleaning. Yup, that is right, only BASIC cleaning, as I spent the day yesterday purging and scrubbing:) Never made it as far as vacuuming the basement (our vacuum cleaner and I don't get along very well. It is an old one we got from Kevin's mom when our other one broke). The vacuum cleaner works, but has a mind of it's own and I think it really just moves the dirt more than pick it up, so I am guessing a vacuum cleaner will be my next big purchase. It is nice though, that upstairs we have no carpet, only a few rugs that I can clean with my hand held vacuum. I would love to have a vacuum that can clean both hardwood, tile AND carpet! Not sure if that is in our budget though.

Right now I am just sitting here waiting for the rest of the crew to wake up so that I can make more sound:)
Have a wonderful weekend all!


mamma said...

God helg til dere alle sammen! Hils rundt deg!

Torunn said...

God helg til deg og dine!! Helsa til alle saman og lykke til!! Klem