Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forgive me Friends, for I am not keeping up!

Over two weeks have passed and I am not doing well with keeping the blog going. Sorry!
I really have plenty of time. All I do is dork around on facebook, play with the kiddos (which is very important by the way!), drink hot chocolate (my new love), surf the web for a new cell phone, and making my to-do-list grow! Oh, and every now and then I clean a big and do some laundry too. Such busy life I tell ya!

Next week I am going back to work at my nanny job and I am looking forward to it. It is good to have a reason to get out of the house for a bit, even if it is for work! I will have four weeks of nannying before I go back to the Y to work. My mom will be here the last of those weeks. I am so excited!

Oh, good news! Our friends in Fargo who delivered their twins the Friday before Madeline was born finally got to bring their little girl home today! I am so excited! She was not gaining enough weight, so she had to stay behind when her brother came home. It made me so sad to hear! I know their mom and dad are just thrilled to be all together in one home, which will be amazingly busy now I am sure with a 15 month old and newborn twins!

Today the girl I nanny for (not that she really needs me anymore other than for rides) turned 16!! I have worked for this family for almost 7 years now, so she was only 9 when I started working for them! hmm....feels like I might have written this before - I have to go back in the blog and check. I can't remember anything from one day to the other anymore! I blame it on the nursing fog (or something like that anyways).
Which reminds me, I only had to wake up twice to feed Madeline last night! Then she woke up again around 6:30, but only to snuggle, not eat. It was awesome! She certainly is a grunter though, so throughout the night I did wake up a bit as her grunts are louder than Kevin's snores! No need to get out of bed for grunts though:)

Well, I better get back to being busy ya know :) Lots of facebook talk and status changes to keep track of:)

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