Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Announcing Baby Madeline

I am so glad to be back home! Yeah, I guess at the hospital I don't have to make my own food - but Kevin makes better food. I had my own room - but with people walking in and out all day and the walls thin enough to hear all the laboring women (sorry to those that I annoyed when I gave birth!). I am SO glad they were willing to let us go home a day early!

So, onto announcing our new princess!
Madeline (that is right, no middle name) was born at 9:35am January 12th, 2009, weighing in at 8lbs 14 oz (4035 grams) and measured 20 inches (50.8cm) long.

She was born after only two hours in the hospital (my water broke at 1am Monday morning) and it was an awesome experience! I knew I had to get there earlier than I did with Victoria (13 minutes before she was born / less than 5 minutes in the room) since I had to get the IV antibiotics. What I did not know, was that they wanted me to have several doses of the antibiotics - all spread out 4 hours apart! Well, that did not happen. I did get one full dose through though, which is better than nothing!
Since she came so fast, her whole head is a big bruise, and she also tried to get her arm out first, which resulted in her arm getting a huge bruise on it. That will all heal in the next few days though.
She is a champion at nursing so that helps tons! She does seem to think of me as a live pacifier though, so we're working on cutting that down:)
Michael and Victoria are very excited to have their sister here finally, and Victoria is my designated burper after feedings:) Michael is more reserved, but definitely a proud big brother! He seems very fascinated with her!
We go back in for a checkup for her on Friday to make sure she is not becoming Jaundiced and that the antibiotics I got were enough to keep the GBS away. Her first GBS culture came back negative, which bodes well.
I find it highly amusing how so many people point out how big she is, and I can quip back with the fact that she is the smallest one that I have had:) She seems so tiny now!

Oki, so I was going to post pictures, but keep getting an error, so I will come back later and try again. Now off to nap again since baby just ate:)


Suzanne said...

I'm soo excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet her! I love the name you chose also. Let me know if you need any meals or anything. Hope you're healing up quickly from such a fast delivery.

Hanne said...

thank you!
I feel great, tired but good!
I did not tear or anything, so that was great. Making recovery a lot easier!
I am sure I will be way tired in the weeks to come, but that is ok, comes with the territory:)

Torunn said...

Så utruleg kjekt!!! Mor di sendte meg nokre bilder av Michael og Victoria i lag med Madeline. Nydeleg navn de har valgt!! Kos deg mykje heime i lag med ho. Kvil deg og nyt livet!! Klem

mamma said...

Så bra at dere er hjemme og alt er vel!!
Bildene fra Kevin kom raskt og jeg måtte videresende noen til alle + ha med på jobb og skryte !!

Gleder meg sånn til p komme bort og holde henne + gi dere alle en god klem!!

Hanne said...

I will attempt to post pictures again today, we'll see if blogger is willing to work with me:)