Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last weekend as a family of 4?

I as up most of the night thinking that this might be our last weekend as a family of 4! It is kind of scary!
Michael is off at a sleep over, Victoria was up most of the night not feeling good so I anticipate a long nap for her, Kevin will be watching the Vikings play in the playoffs and I am doing house stuff (just can't seem to stop!). So much for family time, huh:)
Oh well, we'll have six weeks to hang out together at home (except for when the kids are in school that is) so that will be good!

I feel like I have gotten most of my stuff taken care of, but keep looking for things I want to get done so that I won't have to worry about it with a baby around.
One of the biggest things that bug me is the painted train border in the room that will be the girl' bedroom. I keep thinking that all I need it a can of white paint:) I know this is something that will have to wait until after baby comes though, so maybe when my mom is here since she can watch the girls when I paint:) The whole thing should only take 20 minutes or so, I have just kept putting it off.
The rest of the stuff I want to do is: Get a rug for the girl's room, get fabric to finish up Michael's drapes and fabric for the girls' room drapes, buy a diaper bag, baby bathtub and a big, really flat, door mat for the door by the kitchen. This is very much needed as I now get to park in the garage again! Thank you Kevin for moving the extra car out of the way! This means I don't have to get up earlier in the am to scrape my car, and it will warm up so much faster!
I also want to purge more stuff out of the house, and take it to the Goodwill store. I love the way my living room is right now - with only the necessities in it!
Last night I cleaned out pretty much everything from my closet - putting all the maternity clothes in a bucket (I will be living out of that bucket until baby comes! but at least I can get it back to the rightful owner as soon as I am done with the clothes and have them washed!) and sorting out the clothes I desperately want to fit into again, but know I won't.

Anyways, instead of wasting time on the computer, I should get to work:) Cross your fingers for the Vikings to advance to the next round!!! Go Vikes, Victoria says!


Anne Elise said...

Go Vikings!!!
Du må fortelle at vi nå har 2, kanskje 3 frisbegolfbaner i Haugesund!!!
Venter i spenning hver dag, og klart jeg skal passe jentene mens du maler!!!!

Hanne said...

Saa stilig! Har dere spillt noe? Vi har pause her i og med at det er saa kaldt, saa Kevin gleder seg til aa begynne igjen til vaaren!

Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live said...

GRL, can you say NESTING! You got the bug! Good luck on all the last minute stuff and blessings to you and your family as you await your little one to arrive!
ND Michelle