Monday, January 5, 2009

Last week of work for a while

Today I started my last week at the Y before baby comes. I was tired though. I did not sleep well, and have felt weird (not sick or anything, just weird) all day. This evening I have been having back pain, but I am not sure it is contractions as they don't really go away. Just kind of there the whole time. So, we'll see I guess if this turns into anything. Just in case, I am heading to bed in a few minutes. If it is the real thing at least I can get some sleep in before it gets too bad:) I am fairly certain they will see me at work again tomorrow though.
I told Ryan I would call him if I went into labor so that he could work for me. He sounded kind of worried about that, so I better make sure there is no contraction coming when I am letting him know:)

Cross your fingers for a good night's sleep!



Marthe said...

Spennanyde:) Ikkje lenge igjen nå. Lykke til med den sista ukå.

Anne Elise said...

I dag rydder vi jula ut her!! Pappa reiste nordover tidlig i ettermiddag, og nå skal jeg sette meg ned med strikk!!

Lykke til!!

Hanne said...

Nei, e nertelling naa:) Me glede aa grue oss veldigt alle sammen!

Torunn said...

Lykke til!!!! :)