Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giving it another try

Here we are again, over a year since my last posting!  Truth be told - the last year has been so busy that blogging was the last thing that would get done.

I returned to work last January and though I enjoy what I do, I wish I had made the decision to hold off until my two youngest munchkins were in school before going back.  I have some pretty awesome coworkers though, and have learned a lot about the medical field, more specifically anything within Neurology.  It is very interesting!

My hubby also works for this wonderful Clinic that I work for, and he was asked to demo a product at this year's HIMSS conference in New Orleans.  My wonderful in-laws were willing to come watch the kids, so here I am too - in New Orleans with my husband.  He has to work all day, but we have the evenings, plus an extra two days after the conference to hang out.  We are looking forward to trying new foods, seeing new things (neither of us have been here before) and enjoying the warmer weather (high 60's to high 70's) while our dear Minnesota is being pounded by a huge snow storm (schools closed) that is predicted to bring a total snow fall with just this storm that is greater than the total snow falls for each of the last two winters!  I am SO glad I got out before the storm hit!

Anyways, I arrived last night, and we went out to eat.  We tried foods at Acme oyster house - see my food blog for that review.  We also tried some beignets at Cafe Du Monde - oh, heavens!  Brought a box with Beignet mix, and some french roast coffee with us from that place as well, and I have plans to return later today as Kevin is at the conference and I have the entire day to myself. 

I can tell that there is no way I will by accident lose a few lbs while here!  #lovingthefoodsoflouisina

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