Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freezing cold!

Looking out the window it does not look bad at all, but it is now a frigid negative 3 degrees Farenheit and negative 23 with the windchill (-19 Celcius with windchill of -34 Celcius) here! It is way too cold! I am so glad I have a house with a working heater! And, I am thankful I don't HAVE to go anywhere today. We're even going to order pizza for dinner so that we don't have to go anywhere:)

I am planning on spending my day tidying up, doing laundry, wrapping gifts and making my step by step, place by place, last minute shopping list :)
We also have to make a meal plan for the next two weeks or so, and hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get everything we need from all stores - gifts included - so that we can evade the stores until New Years!
I am trying to come up with what to make for dessert for the dinner we'll be having at my very good friend Karen's house. I am thinking Norwegian Caramel Pudding, Banana Cream Pie and maybe Dronning Maud pudding if we can find the pasterurized eggs this close to Christmas. Last year they were all sold out!

I was contemplating baking a bit more, but I will probably hold off since we really do not need anything else to eat in this house!

We do not even have to go out and clean out driveway. We are so blessed to have a wonderful neighbor with a snow blower who takes pity on us. Victoria just came back from their house after dropping off cookies and a card she made. We really do have great neighbors! Another thing that I am so thankful for!
What a wonderful day to be able to be inside all day, wearing pajamas all day, listening to Christmas music and hearing my kids count down the days over and over again:)

Victoria and I have also started a project that I really would love to have done by the 23. We're planning on having a Christmas tree (small one) decorated only with picture ornaments. The pictures will all be friends and family and those that we hold dear. I saw this idea in a magazine and totally fell in love with it! So, I have to upload pictures to be printed at Walmart, and then tomorrow I will pick them up and Victoria and I will put them all together. I also need to get a smaller tree to hang them on.

Well, I better get back to it:)
Have wonderful Sunday you all!

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