Monday, December 22, 2008

How weird is it

that I am more worried about not getting things done for baby than for Christmas?
Kevin and I have some more shopping to do today - anyone interested in watching our kids for a few hours after dinner tonight? But for some reason I am not worried about it. However, the fact that I am still waiting for the piece for baby's crib, stroller and car seat (which we're going to borrow), pump (borrow) and I have to buy diapers, wipes, bottles, bedding for the crib makes me freak out in the middle of the night! I have a bit less than 4 weeks left (maybe less than 3) but al of those things are things we can get after she is born. The gifts we need to get for Christmas really should not be gotten AFTER Christmas!

Oh well, I am sure it will all work out right:)

I am at work again today - nannying - and since it is so cold out, I am guessing we'll drive each other nuts by the end of the day, and then go and do it all over again tomorrow:)

Be prepared for multiple posts again today. Not much else to do. Although, I did just finish cleaning the kitchen here at work! I think it is my nesting instinct working on overdrive - thinking that any cleaning I do is better than none, even if it is not at my own house:)

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