Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 weeks or 35 days (whichever sounds smallest) left!

I am 35 weeks along today and that leaves only 5 weeks (at the most) left before baby girl is here! I am so excited and scared at the same time!
I have decided (I think) to sew her baby bedding, so I better get cracking. I am hoping to head to JoAnns today to find fabric. I am thinking I will do a duvet cover for her blanket rather than a quilt / comforter, just because that is easier to clean and make:) I also want to make her sheets and such, but that shouldn't be too difficult. This way I can also find fabric that I can use for the girls' room drapes that matches without paying a fortune.

I am still dealing with a head cold, although it seems to have moved more down to my chest now as I am coughing up a storm. At least I don't have that pounding headache that comes with a head cold though. Victoria is also coughing a lot, but I am hoping it is getting better. We both napped yesterday afternoon for several hours. It felt so good!

The kids only have one week left of school before their Winter Break. I have to work through the 23rd at my nanny job and the 24th at the Y before I get my break. I will have almost a week off which is great since Kevin's parents are coming down! We're going to my friend Karen's for the 24th, taking it easy and eating light on the 25th, and then having a big Christmas meal again on the 26th when Kevin's parents are here. I was originally planning on working through the year since we were not having people in town, but I am more than happy to change that:)

So this weekend will be spent cleaning, baking for my cookie exchange and wrapping gifts. That should get me in the right Christmas Spirit:)

I also have to do some last minute shopping for an American Girl Doll for Victoria. I hope it will get here in time!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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NatalieDeltaGam said...

yay for baby girls!! i've got max 4 weeks (we're delivering at 38 wks)'s so scary!...and exciting! :-)