Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!

Last night, after the kids went to bed, I finished up my gifts (I have ONE more to get at the mall today, but I know what and where it is), and if I do not get around to it, it is ok too:)
Then Kevin and I were lazy and watched House while lounging in bed. Gotta love!

After work , we set up the tree per Norwegian tradition and decorated it while listening to Christmas Music. It was nice! Then the kids got to put out all the gifts (that I had wrapped already - still have a few left to go for that).

Today I am working at the Y until 11:30 (probably will head out earlier since it will be slow!) It will be a bitter sweet day though as one of my co-workers is going on to a full time job. I am happy for him, but he was a great asset to our KC team too! And, he was Victoria's boyfriend (one of a few, but always the one she fell back on when the other ones did not pan out).
So, I am heading out early now to pick up the treats I was planning on baking last night.

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
I took pictures last night and will upload them when I get time.


Anne Elise said...

God jul til dere også, og så håper jeg på bilde av familietreet!!

Anne Elise said...

Tusen takk for presangen!! Kjempestilig og vi må nok øve oss litt for å få det helt til!!

Torunn said...

God jul i heimen! Håpar pakkane har komen fram,- og viss ikkje så er dei på veg i posten! :) Då vert det nok romjulspakkar. ;) Klem