Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is now 4:08 am, and I am ready

for it to cool down in my house!
Last night, for some reason, our furnace decided not to start when it got cool. We did some problem shooting for a while, and ended up moving the kids into the same room with a portable heater so they would stay warm overnight. Kevin and I figured we could stay warm with an extra blanket and each other.
After a while Kevin turned off the electricity to the furnace to let it "rest" and after turning it back on a few minutes later it actually kicked in again! Yay!
So, off to bed we went, and we were both able to fall asleep pretty quickly.
Several times throughout the night I woke up feeling uncomfortable, but being ready to pop a kid can do that to you, so I blamed it on the bun in the oven for heating me up too much!
Well, a little while ago I had to take another trip to the restroom (umpteenth time tonight) and I decided to check to see what the temp was at and it was a whopping 77 degrees in our house! No wonder I was uncomfortable! I am a 58 degrees at night or colder kind of person. I need it COLD to be able to sleep, and I woke up sweating!
So, here I am, wasting time on the internet until I can cool down enough :)
Shouldn't be too long with temps in the negatives outside.

Hope you all had a better night for sleeping!

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