Saturday, December 20, 2008

36 weeks! 4 weeks left, or as little as 3 if they decide to induce me a week early! Yikes!

I am thinking the next couple of weeks will fly and soon I will be on the doorstep of having another baby in the house!
I did not get anything done yesterday, but you know what, it actually felt nice! I even went to bed at 9:30 instead of staying up late making up for not checking anything off of my list! Yay me!
Normally this never happens.
Today I am going to try to get done the things I had planned for today and then after wards I will see if I can do another one or two of the things for yesterday.
We're in for another snow storm, but hopefully not with as much snow as the other two. I believe this one will have more blowing snow than anything.

I do work at the Y's Parents' Day Out program today from 1 - 5, so that will be fun. I am just glad I found someone to cover my normal Kids Care shift for me so I wouldn't have to work another 9 hour day. That was hard, and I send kudos out to all of those who work their entire day on their feet! I spend a good portion of my day on my feet, but at least I have the chance to sit down and take a breather!

Michael has a birthday party to go to today, and he'll get to watch the Tale of Desperaux. He is so excited! Victoria was bummed, but changed her mind when she found out she'd get to hang with her best bud - Pappa / Daddy -all by herself for hours!

Then, we'll all head to church and have a good time there too! This is bound to be a good day!

Last night I got news that a family friend who is in the hospital ICU (has been for a bit after heart problems, and they really did not think he was going to make it) is making progress and is being weaned off the ventilator. Praise God! I have been praying for him and his family and hoping that their Christmas celebration would not be one of mourning their loved one, but of celebrating the miracles in life - and is looks as though they can!

Oki, off to check a few things off the list before the kids get up, which makes me think, Michael is still sleeping and it is past 8pm! He is my early bird up before 7 every morning! Playing in the snow for an hour and a half last night must have tired him out! Yay!

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elin said...

all i want for chrismas is........belly pics :) Hehe, pakkesangen din e på vei