Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 weeks and 6 days!!

We're down to 5 weeks (ok and 6 days) left! I am so excited! Things seem to be falling into place:)
Although, I wish I had more time to prepare for sleepless nights. I had a test for that last night. Victoria and Michael have friends over for sleepovers, and the boys are usually up way too early, so last night I told them no sounds until after 7:30! Never thought to let the girls know since they usually sleep later, but I should have! They were both up (the girls that is) before 5 am! I heard them chatting and walking around, so I got up to tell them to go back to bed, and found them all dressed for the day and ready to play. They were both able to go back to sleep though, so that was good. Unfortunately, I was not. So I see myself heading to bed as soon as the kids are in bed tonight. I hope that is at 8:01PM!

Yesterday I had a long day at work, and I am thankful I do not have to work a full time job on my feet every day of the work week! I worked at the Y from 8 - 5PM. First my normal Kids Care shift, and then right over to the Parents Day out Program - which was a lot of fun by the way. Then I raced home to meet Kevin and the kids before we left straight for church. Sitting in church was hard, my back noticed the strain of being on my feet all day quite well. After we ate at church we took the extra two kids home and crossed our fingers they would be in bed and sleeping fast. Our kids are usually down by 8:30 at the latest, but their friends are not, so it gets to be quite a bit later before they calm down.
After they finally went to bed (to the bedroom that is - fairly sure they did not sleep for a while yet, at least not the boys) Kevin and I finished up a movie we started the other day - Master of Commander - something, something (can't remember the rest of the title). It was good and we both enjoyed it quite a bit!

Today Kevin is going over to his brother's house to play a game and watch football. I am glad he gets to do that. He has watched most games at home this season, and while I enjoy being able to see him throughout the day or ask for his help when I need it, I know he really enjoys hanging with the guys (since I am not much of a football person) and I am glad he has that chance today. He really does not go out a lot to do things with others. I am blessed to have a husband who values staying home and doing things with me and the kids. I guess that makes it easier for me to be ok with him going out whenever he wants to. I think we are both considered homebodies. I do enjoy being with friends and family, but it is really nice to just be at home too.
What is even better about this weekend, is that my house is mostly cleaned! I usually spend Sundays cleaning (heavy duty cleaning) but I have done good at keeping up with the chores lately so it might take only an hour to get the whole house done!
I do have laundry to do, but since Kevin is not home it means I get free reign over the TV and can watch TV while folding laundry:)

I am also hoping to go to Walmart for a few errands and get a gingerbread house kit to decorate with the kids and a few last minute gifts that I need to send ASAP.

If I find more time, I am going to attempt digiscrapping today as well, but I don't want to put it on my schedule as I am not sure I can find the time.

I did finish up my Christmas letter the other day. Now I want to add a few pictures of the family and print it. We are not doing a photo card in addition this year as I am thinking we'll send out a picture birth announcement with all three of the kids as soon as baby comes.

Oh..once again I have another post with no pictures. I am sorry folks! I really do need to add pictures to my blog soon! If I get the gingerbread kit and we decorate it today I know I will get those posted!

Ta-ta for now!


Alison said...

Yes Hanne we NEED pics!LOL~Especially belly pics before you have this baby! How are you feeling? Getting everything ready?

elin said...

belly pics...belly pics....belly pics...belly pics :)

klemm elin

Hanne said...

I had Michael take some belly pics, but they aren't that great. I will see if I can convince him to take a few more:)

Allison, I am feeling pretty good. Have some back pain, but with less than 6 weeks left that is easy to forget about:) I am working on getting things ready, still feel unorganized, but each time I go over my checklist I find that I am fairly prepared:)