Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 weeks 2 days and prayers for a friend

I heard from a friend today, who is due with boy/girl twins in February, that her baby girl is not growing like they want her to, so she is now on hospital bed rest at least until nest Thursday when a specialist can come check things out. It just really puts everything in a different perspective for me. Yeah, I have had a "rough" pregnancy - but nothing medically wrong - just stress, more stress, really bad back pain, stupid umbilical hernia that does not want to go away etc. This is nothing compared to what my friend is doing through. I guess I am just grateful for what I have and for how well this pregnancy has progressed.

For me this week has been pretty good. I am dealing with a head cold, but nothing I cannot manage. Victoria seems to be a little under the weather, but she can manage too:) School has late start tomorrow, so I get to hang with both kids until 11, when we send Michael to school. After that I will have fun just hanging with my favorite 6 year old! Most likely we will watch Ice Princess again and nap. That will feel good!

This weekend I might be working Parent's Day Out again so that will be interesting. We're also planning on taking the kids to see Santa and to decorate cookies at one of the grocery stores in town. Victoria is very excited to give Santa her wish list - which by the way, I still have not deciphered all the way yet. She wrote it all out by herself! I am so proud of her!
I will also spend time this weekend baking for my cookie exchange on Monday. I am hoping to be done by Saturday night at the latest - if I can get it done tomorrow night that is even better - so that I can be lazy all weekend (after I finish come laundry that is).

Last night I did some baking (when I should have been in bed) and everything turned out good. both recipes were new ones so I am glad they turned out. I made fudge and brownie creme de menthe bars.

Anyways, I decided that I was going to bed early tonight, so I better get moving before it is not early anymore:)

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