Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cold weekend, but very relaxing!

Wow, just when we thought the weather was going to be nice and warm it got cold again, and rainy, windy even sleet!
Thankfully we have not had to turn the heat back on. On the sad side of that we haven't had our windows open for a few days either......I miss the fresh air!
This morning I volunteered in the CommUnity Cafe at church and I loved it! Made my own mocha, and a smoothie, and messed up one smoothie, so not too bad:)
Mostly took orders, and worked the cash register a bit too.

I am coming down with a head cold and the sinus drainage is causing me to lose my voice, usually something that happens once a year so hopefully this is it for this year then.

Other than that, I am counting down the days for many things - Mother's Day, although I am sure nothing much will happen, syttende mai which is Norways constitution day, an all girls' weekend to the cities and the end of the school year and much less work as far as getting the kids to school in the am.

Well, I am gonna head to the basement and take some pictures of my cards that I have made as I have had several requests for them to be posted on my blogg.

Have a wonderful evening!

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