Thursday, April 3, 2008

Norwegian National Team in Curling in Canada

Oki, so Kevin and I are back from Canada. It was a great trip, albeit short.
The coolest thing, I think anyways, was that we ran into a group of guys at the restaurant Earls while we were there for dinner. They all had a blue jackets that matched and I saw a Norwegian flag. So I jumped up and let Kevin know I was going to ask if they were from Norway. And they were. They told us they were playing Curling for practice before the World Championship. That is when I could respond: "In Grand Forks?". I bet that impressed them:) Kevin and his dad had read about it just the day before and I picked up some key info while reading my book I guess.
So, we might head up to Grand Forks this weekend
(just for the day) and watch a game or two. I am only going if the Norwegians are playing while we're there.
Either way, it was cool to run into fellow Norwegians and get to speak some Norwegian!

Hope all is well!
I am glad to be back with the kids, but can notice the lack of sleep in my body and a high amount of chocolate running through my veins. They had a Chocolate Festival in Winnipeg while we were there! Now, that is MY kind of festival!

See ya!

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